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Current Affairs Quiz - November 2015 (Q and A)

Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz - November 2015 (Q and A)

November 2015 
(Q and A)

Q1: Where did ASEAN Summit take place in 2015?

Q2: Where did G-20 Summit take place in 2015?

Q3: Supreme Court rejected the Act which sought to give politicians and civil society a final say in appointments of judges in higher courts in October 2015. Name the act.

Q4: Name the first Indian Prime Minister who addressed British Parliament?

Q5: Which iconic Museum of London will launch its first Indian venture in Delhi in 2017?

Q6: Under whose leadership Myanmar reestablished democracy ending half a century military rule?

Q7: Name the three gold schemes launched by GOI on November 5, 2015.

Q8: Name the new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Q9: Who gained the World No. 1 ranking in October 2015?

Q10: Who was honoured with "Aditya Vikram Bala Shikhar Award" for lifetime achievement in November 2015?

Q11: Supreme Court Of India lifted which state government's ban on online lotteries?

Q12: Which day is observed as World Polio Day?

Q13: Which day is observed as World Toilet Day?

Q14: Who was appointed as President of industrial body of FICCI (Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce and Industry)?

Q15: Who was sworn as Bihar's chief minister on Nov 20, 2015?

Q16: Who was appointed as the Chairperson of Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) on November 24,2015?

Q17: Who was elected as first female President of Nepal on October 20?

Q18: Name the Indian who was sworn-in as Defence Minister of Canada on November 4, 2015?

Q19: Who is the author of ' What Happened To Netaji?' book?

Q20: Which state is the host for International Film Festival Of India (IFFI) 2015?


1. Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar
2. Antalya, Turkey
3. National Judicial Appointments Commission Act
4. Narendra Modi
5. Madame Tussauds
6. Aung San Suu Jyi
7.  Gold Monetisation Scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme,  India Gold Coins.
8. Amravati
9. Carolina Marin of Spain
10. Santoor maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
11. Kerela
12. October 24
13. November 19
14. Harsvardhan Neotia (Chairman of Ambuja Neotia Group)
15. Nitish Kumar
16. Anju Bobby George
17. Bidhya Dev Bhandari
18. Harjit Sajjan
19. Anuj Dhar
20. Goa

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