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English Usage MCQs-1

English: One Word Substitution-1

English Unseen Poem (Reading Comprehension)
English: One Word Substitution-1

English: One Word Substitution-2

English: Plurals with different Meanings

Numbers in Idioms
English Reading Comprehension (Set-1)
English Reading Comprehension (Set-2)
English Reading Comprehension(Set-3) 
English Reading Comprehension (Set-4)
Reading Comprehension (Set-5)
Reading Comprehension (Unseen Poem)-2
Grammar Quiz (Nouns) 
Synonyms (Quiz)
Antonyms(Quiz) or Online Quiz 

Editing Exercise-1
Editing Exercise-2 
Editing Exercise - 3

Unseen Passage -1

Conjunctions (Worksheet-solved)
Articles (Worksheet-solved) or Online Quiz on Articles 
Articles (Common Errors)
PSA Quiz (English) 
PSA Quiz-3 (English)
Parts of Speech Online Quiz
Nouns Online Quiz  
Pronouns Online Quiz
Online Quiz on Tenses  
Nouns Quiz on Animals and Birds Cries  or  (Online Quiz) 
Active/Passive Voice
Online Quiz on Adjectives
Unseen Passage with MCQs 
Tenses (Questions from CBSE Exam)
Cloze Test
Cloze Test-2
Confusing Sentences
10 Foreign Words That You Must Know
Confusing Sentences

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