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English Usage MCQs -1 (#generalenglish)(#objectiveenglish)(#eduvictors)

 English Usage MCQs -1

English Usage MCQs -1 (#generalenglish)(#objectiveenglish)(#eduvictors)

Multiple Choice Questions based on English sentence structure and grammar usage.

Directions: Read the sentence carefully and choose the right option from the choices given to fill in the blank(s).

Q1: I ______ on this line before I realised my mistake.

(a) worked

(b) was worked

(c) am working

(d) had been working 

Q2: I was reading a book when the telephone bell______.

(a) ringing

(b) had rung

(c) rang

(d) should ring

Q3: He takes pride____ his wealth.

(a) in

(b) of

(c) with

(d) by

Q4: The doctor_____ an operation.

(a) do

(b) performed

(c) is performed

(d) done

Q5: He would _____ beg than steal.

(a) not

(b) no longer

(c) rather

(d) nor

Q6: A lot of money _________ wasted on this project.

(a) is

(b) are

(c ) were

(d) may

Q7: We rested _____ the shade of the tree.

(a) in

(b) under

(c) ourselves in

(d) ourselves under

Q8: Due to heavy rains,she is trembling________ cold.

(a) from

(b) with

(c) in

(d) by

Q9: The ______ I purchased, had a tear.

(a) cloth

(b) clothes

(c ) clothing

(d) dresses

Q10: He tried to prevent me _______ doing my duty.

(a) from

(b) at

(c) with

(d) against


1: (d) had been working 

2: (c) rang

3: (a) in ('Take pride in'  - an idiom means 'be proud of')

4: (b) performed

5: (c) rather

6: (a) is

7: (b) under

8: (b) with (tremble with fear/anxiety)

9: (a) cloth [Cloth means fabric, clothes and clothing mean garments)

10: (a) from

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