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SSC CGL Question Paper (Tier 1) 2014 - General Awareness - Part 4

SSC CGL Question Paper (Tier 1) 2014

General Awareness Quiz

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Q1: Natural Radioactivity was discovered by

(a) Madam Curie
(b) Henri Becquerel
(c) Enrico Fermi
(d) Rutherford

Q2: Rainbow formation is due to

(a) Diffusion of sunlight through water droplets
(b) Ionisation of water droplets
(c) Refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets
(d) Absorption of sunlight by water droplets

Q3: CAD stands for

(a) Computer Aided Decode
(b) Computer Automatic Decode
(c) Computer Aided Design
(d) Computer Automatic Design

Q4: Unix Operating System is generally known as

(a) General Application
(b) Single User Operating System
(c) Single User Application Program
(d) Multi User Operating System

Q5: Combustion is a

(a) Biological process
(b) Physical process
(c) Chemical process
(d) Physical and chemical process

Q6: Which of the following is not a form of carbon?

(a) Hematite
(b) Graphite
(c) Charcoal
(d) Soot

Q7: What is Dry Ice?

(a) Liquid nitrogen
(b) Ice cubes and saw dust
(c) Ice cubes and salt
(d) Solid carbon dioxide

Q8: The gas commonly used in advertisement sign board and decorative lights is

(a) Chlorine
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Neon
(d) Nitrogen

Q9: Who is the prime minister of Australia? (Sep 15, 2015)

(a) Julia Gillard
(b) Kevin Rudd
(c) Tony Abott
(d) None of these

Q10: Which is the parent company of Mobile giant “Nokia”?

(a) Sweden
(b) Spain
(c) Germany
(d) Finland

Q11: Where was the Joint G20 Finance and Labour Ministers Meeting held on 19 July, 2013?

(a) Paris
(b) Moscow
(c) London
(d) New York

Q12: Who holds the world record as the youngest person to climb Mount Everest?

(a) Phu Dorjee
(b) Bachendri Pal
(c) Dicky Dolma
(d) Santosh Yadav

Q13: Hyperplasia means

(a) An increase in size of a cell
(b) Excessive motility of muscle
(c) Voracious eating
(d) Abnormal increase in number of cells

Q14: The part of root involved in water absorption is

(a) zone of root cap
(b) zone of cell division
(c) zone of root hairs
(d) zone of elongation

Q15: Who took oath as the President of Iran on August 4, 2013?

(a) Mohammad Bashir Ahmad
(b) Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf
(c) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
(d) Hassan Rouhani

Q16: Who was sworn in as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations  by Joe Biden on August 1, 2013?

(a) Samantha Power
(b) Zalmay Khalilzad
(c) Susan Rice
(d) Rosemary DiCarlo

Q17: Who won the Rogers Cup Women’s Singles in Lawn Tennis 2013?

(a) Agnieszka Radwanska
(b) Maria Sharapova
(c) Serena Williams
(d) Victoria Azarenka

Q18: Who was appointed as the Chairperson of the National School of Drama on August 19, 2013?

(a) Sasikumar Venkat
(b) Amal Allana
(c) Ratan Thiyam
(d) Adly Mansour

Q19: To which channel did the International Olympic Committee sell the broadcasting rights for 2014 and 2016 Olympics?

(a) Zee Sports
(b) STAR India
(c) Doordarshan
(d) Set Max

Q20: Which is the largest man-made lake?

(a) Wullar
(b) Govind Sagar
(c) Rana Pratap Sagar
(d) Baikal

1: (b) Henri Becquerel
2: (c) Refraction and reflection of sunlight by water droplets
3: (c) Computer Aided Design
4: (d) Multi User Operating System
5: (c) Chemical process
6: (a) Hematite
7: (d) Solid carbon dioxide
8: (d) Nitrogen
9: (c) Tony Abott (till Sep 15 2015)
10:(d) Finland
11:(b) Moscow
12:(c) Dicky Dolma
13: (d) Abnormal increase in number of cells [Hint: First stage of cancer]
14: (c) zone of root hairs
15: (d) Hassan Rouhani
16: (a) Samantha Power
17: (c) Serena Williams
18: (c) Ratan Thiyam
19: (b) STAR India
20: (b) Govind Sagar

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