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Current Affairs Quiz Feb - March 2016

Current Affairs Feb/March 2016

Q1: Which day is celebrated as National Science Day? Why?

Answer: Feb 28 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect (phenomenor of scattering of light or photons) by Indian Physicist C V Raman on Feb 28, 1928.

Q2: When is International Women Day celebrated?

Answer: March 8

Q3: Who took charge of Delhi Police Commissioner on Feb 29, 2016?

Answer: Sr. IPS Alok Kumar Verma

Q4: Who won the Global Teacher Prize 2016?

Answer: Hanan Al Hroub, a Palestinian teacher on Mar 13, 2016.

Q5: Who won the Bihari Puruskar 2015?

Answer: Dr Bhagwati Lal Vyas, a Rajasthani poet for his collection of poems "Katha Sun Awae Hai Sabad".

Q6: Name the best Foreign Language Film won at 88th Oscars 2016

Answer: Son of Saul

Q7: Who won the Best Actor Oscar award in 2016?

Answer: Leonardo DiCapro for movie The Revenant

Q8: Union Power ministry announced LED-based Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme on March 11, 2016. What's the name of the programme?

Answer: UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LEDs for All)

Q9: On March  8, Air India flew from New Delhi to San Francisco. What was special about this flight?

Answer: It was Air-India's World's Longest All-women Flight.

Q10: In UN World Happiness Index 2016, where does India stand for?

Answer: At 118th position.

Q11: The Government of India banned certain drugs like Viks Action 500, Corex Syrup, Phensydel w.e.f. March 14, 2016. Why?

Answer: GOI prohibited manufacturing of fixed dose combination drugs.

Q12: Who won the Irani Cup 2016?

Answer: Rest of India defeating 41-times Ranji Chapmion Mumbai.

Q13: Who won Santosh Trophy 2016?

Answer: Services (football)

Q14: Name the project launched by Union Health and Family welfare ministry for safety standards of food on the street?

Answer: Clean Street Food (on March 13, 2016)

Q15: Name the new species of frogs found in the Laterite rocks of Indian coastal plains?

Answer: Microhyla

Q16: Which day is celebrated as 'Word Sparrow Day'?

Answer: March 20

Q17: To whom Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) conferred Turing Award 2015?

Answer: Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman for inventing PGP and digital signatures.

Q18: Who won Abel Prize 2016 for Mathematics?

Answer: Andrew Wiles (UK) for his proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

Q19: Name the astronaut who has spent the most time in space.

Answer: Astronaut Scott Kelly. Recently he announced his retirement w.e.f April 1

Q20: On March 31, 2016, PM Narendra Modi unveils Asia's largest optical telescope. Where it is located?

Answer: Devasthal at Nainital, Uttrakhand. Telescope is named as Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) telescope.

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