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SSC STENO (Grade C & D) Entrance Examination 2016 - General Awareness-2

SSC STENO (Grade C & D) Entrance  Examination 2016

SSC STENO (Grade C & D) Entrance  Examination 2016 - General Awareness-2

General Awareness-2

61. Who among the following proposed the suggestion for a Constituent Assembly first in 1935?

(A) Gandhi
(B) J P Narayan:
(C) M N Roy
(D) Nehru

62. According to Paul Appleby the quality of good administrators is

(A) Integrity
(B) Loyalty
(C) Self-confidence
(D) Intelligence

63. The supply-side measure to control inflation is

(A) Price control through Public Distribution System
(B) Higher taxation to mop up liquidity
(C) Credit control
(D) Reducing public expenditure

64. The Ability Principle of Taxation is given by

(A) Edgeworth
(B) Joan Robinson
(C) J.S. Mill
(D) Adam Smith

65. ‘World Economic Report’ is published by

(D) World Bank

66. ‘Galloping Inflation’ is also known as

(A) Running Inflation
(B) Hyper Inflation
(C) Creeping Inflation
(D) Walking Inflation

67. The lysimeter helps in the estimation of

(A) Relative humidity
(B) Vapour pressure
(C) Wind direction
(D) Evapotranspiration

68. Compounds that are needed for enzymes function properly are

(A) Vitamins
(C) Buffers
(B) Heavy metals
(D) Steroids

69. Heavy water is

(A) Rain water
(B) Tritium oxide
(C) Deuterium oxide
(D) Deuterium

70. Which one of the following is commonly known as ‘Pond Silk’?

(A) Rhizopus
(B) Yeast
(C) Ulothrjx
(D) Spirogyra

61: (C) M N Roy
62: (C) Self-confidence
63: (B) Higher taxation to mop up liquidity
64: (D) Adam Smith
65: (C) UNCTAD
66: (B) Hyper Inflation
67: (D) Evapotranspiration
68: (A) Vitamins
69: (C) Deuterium oxide
70: (D) Spirogyra

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