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A CODE is a system of pre-arranged signals; especially used to ensure secrecy in transmitting messages. Therefore, Coding is a method of transmitting messages which have to be decoded according to some set principle or pattern.

There are variety of coding-decoding patterns are available that you are required to decipher. Here are given a few examples of coding-decoding patterns.

1. Letter Coding : In this type of coding, certain letters of alphabet stand for certain other letters of alphabet according to a specific rule.

eg. If LOVE is coded as MPWF , what will be the code for WAR ?

(a) VBQ
(b) XBQ
(c) XBS
(d) YBR

Answer: (c) XBS
Hint: E → F,  L → M, N → O, V → W...

2. Number Coding : In  this, numerical codes are assigned to a certain word or alphabetical codes are assigned to the numbers.

eg. If in a certain code language, FEED is coded as 6554, what will BREAD be coded as ?
(a) 218514
(b) 317414
(c) 219514
(d) 515214

Answer: (a) 218514
A→1, B→2, C→3...
∴ BREAD → 218514

3. Word Coding : In this type , some particular things are assigned to code names.
Eg. If white is called black ,blue is called red , red is called yellow , yellow is called green and green is called violet , what would be the colour of the sky ?
(a) red
(b) blue
(c) black
(d) green

Answer: (a) red

In reality the colour of the sky is blue . The code name of blue is red . So the answer is (a).

4.Message Coding : In this type , three or four messages are given in the coded language and the code for a particular word is asked.
Eg. In a certain code , “bi nie pie” means “ some good jokes” ; “nie bat lik” means “some real stories” and “pie lik tol” means “many good stories”. Which word in that code means “jokes”?
(a) bi
(b) nie
(c) pie
(d) can’t be determined
(e) none of these

Answer: bi nie pie = some good jokes                                                  (1)          
       nie bat lik = some real stories                                                 (2)
        pie lik tol = many good stories                                               (3)
Common  (1) and (2) from LHS and RHS nie = some                  (4)
Common in (1) and (3) from LHS and RHS pie = good                (5)
Replacing (4) and (5) in (1),we get. bi = jokes  
Answer is (a) bi .    

Q1. If 14×25 = 5241,  32×17 = 7123,  78×19 = 9187 ,then 46×32 = ?

(a) 3246
(b) 2346
(c) 2364
(d) 4632

Q2. If FISH is written as EHRG in a certain code , how would JUNGLE be written in that code ?


Q3. If in a certain code  cat bat fat means “boys are hungry”, mat hat pat means “girls had cakes”, bat fat pat rat means “hungry boys ate cakes”, and cat pat sat means “cakes are cheap”, What is the code word for “Ate” ?

(a) fat
(b) bat
(c) pat
(d) rat

Q4. If 12345678 stands for the word BREAKING , what number stands for BREAKER ?

(a) 1235342
(b) 1234523
(c) 1325243
(d) 1234532

1: (c) 2364  [Hint the symbol × does not denote multiplication. ]
2: (b) ITMFKD
3: (d) rat
4: (d) 1234532

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