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General English - Contextual Vocabulary Quiz

General English - Contextual Vocabulary Quiz

Directions: Choose the correct alternatives which explain the idiom/ phrase written in bold italics

Q1: Kezia used to 'get cold feet' when she thought of her father.

(a) get angry
(b) get scared
(c) used to cry
(d) felt like crying

Q2: Maria was on 'top of the world' when she won the Wimbledon.

(a) felt very happy
(b) felt very nervous
(c) felt satisfied
(d) felt excited

Q3: The cakes that the woman baked were 'out of this world'
(a) horrible
(b) not tasty
(c) excellent
(d) alien

Q4: Mahender broke into 'cold sweat' when he heard Iswaran`s stories.

(a) got frozen
(b) was cold
(c) was angry
(d) got scared

Q5: St. Peter nearly 'passed out' due to hunger.

(a) fainted
(b) went away
(c) expired
(d) died

Q6: Please wash the dishes 'right away'.

(a) tomorrow
(b) today
(c) some
(d) immediately

Q7: Einstein's Theory of Relativity showed time and distance 'in a new light'.

(a) new facts were discovered
(b) new light was discovered
(c) facts were given
(d) theories were discussed

Q8: Toto was 'not on good terms' with other animals.

(a) friendly
(b) not friendly
(c) naughty
(d) good relations

Q9: News of Sachin`s century 'spread like wildfire'.

(a) slowly
(b) fast
(c) here and there
(d) yesterday

Q10: Einstein asked President Roosevelt 'to look into' the matter.

(a) to investigate
(b) to search
(c) to observe
(d) to peep

1: (b) get scared
2: (a) felt very happy
3: (c) excellent
4: (d) got scared
5: (a) fainted
6: (d) immediately
7: (a) new facts were discovered
8: (b) not friendly
9: (b) fast
10: (a) to investigate

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