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General Awareness and Ability Reasoning Quiz (#generalstudies)(#eduvictors)

General Awareness and Ability Reasoning Quiz

General Awareness and Ability Reasoning Quiz (#generalstudies)(#eduvictors)

Directions: Read the questions carefully and choose the correct option.

Section A : Mental Ability

Q1: Find the least number, which is a perfect square and contains 540 as its factor.

   (a) 9000 

   (b) 8100 

   (c) 8500 

   (d) 7500

Q2. A ladder 34m long is placed in a lane so as to reach a window 30m high and on turning the ladder to the other side of the lane but keeping its feet at the same place it reaches a point 16m high. Find the breadth of the lane.

   (a) 40m 

   (b) 46m 

   (c) 50m 

   (d) 55m

Q3. A field is 500m long and 30m broad. A tank 30m long, 20m broad and 12m deep is dug in the field and the earth is taken out is spread evenly over the field. Find the level of the field raised.

   (a) 20cm 

   (b) 30cm 

   (c) 40cm 

   (d) 50cm

Q4. In The following question, there is some relationship between the two terms to the left of :: and the same relationship holds between the two terms to its right. Also, in the question, one term is missing. Find the term. BDF : HIL :: MOQ: ?

  (a) XVT 

  (b) VTX 

  (c) TVX 

  (d) TUX

Q5. A and B can do a piece of work in 15 days. B and C together can do it in 20 days. If A is twice as good as the workman as C. Then in how much time will B do it alone?

  (a) 30 days 

  (b) 10 days 

  (c) 40 days 

  (d) 45 days

General English

Directions: In each of the following question (Q6-Q10), out of the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.


  (a) Adventure 

  (b) Enthusiasm 

  (c) Sorrow 

  (d) Merriment


  (a) Defensive 

  (b) Attractive 

  (c) Determined 

  (d) Delicate


  (a) Disfigure 

  (b) Nuisance 

  (c) Severe 

  (d) Slash


  (a) Foolish 

  (b) Fat 

  (c) Flat 

  (d) Weak


  (a) Continuous 

  (b) Criminal 

  (c) Intermittent 

  (d) Spontaneous

General Knowledge

Q11. What was the most important cause for the outbreak of the Ghadar revolution?

  (a) Outbreak of World War I 

  (b) Arrest Of Lala Har Dayal

  (c) Hanging Of Kartar Singh Sarabha 

  (d) Komagata Maru Incident

Q12. The name of the poet Kalidasa is mentioned in the

  (a) Allahabad Pillar Inscription 

  (b) Aihole Inscription

  (c) Hanumakonda Inscription 

  (d) Alapadu Inscription

Q13. Of the following types of ecosystems, where is the species diversity lowest:

  (a) Deciduous Forest 

  (b) Grassland

  (c) Tundra 

  (d) Boreal forest

Q14. Which among the following is an excellent example of lacustrine plain?

   (a) Konkan Coast 

   (b) Imphal Basin

   (c) Ladakh Plain 

   (d) Punjab Plain

Q15. During the Mughal period, under the zabti system, land revenue was assessed and was required to be paid

   (a) in cash or kind 

   (b) only in cash

   (c) only in kind 

   (d) by the zamindar on behalf of the peasants


1: (b) 8100 

2: (b) 46m  

3: (d) 50cm

4: (d) TUX

5: (a) 30 days

6: (d) Merriment

7: (c) Determined

8: (a) Disfigure

9: (b) Fat

10: (c) Intermittent 

11: (d) Komagata Maru Incident

12: (b) Aihole Inscription

13: (c) Tundra

14: (b) Imphal Basin

15: (a) in cash or kind

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