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Current Affairs Quiz (May 2022) Part -2 #currentAffairs #compete4exams #eduvictors

Current Affairs Quiz (May 2022) Part -2 

Current Affairs Quiz (May 2022) Part -2  #currentAffairs #compete4exams #eduvictors

Q1. Where will the National Women Legislators Conference-2022 be organized?

Answer: Kerala

Q2. On 15th May 2022, India picked up Thomas Cup for the first time by defeating which country?

Answer: Indonesia

Q3. Which state will launch India's first state-owned OTT platform 'Syspace'?

Answer: Kerala

Q4. Nanjarayan Tank has been declared as the 17th bird sanctuary of which state?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Q5. Which Tennis player has won the Italian Open men's single title ?

Answer: Rafael Nadal

Q6. Which state has won the 12th Hockey India Senior Women National Championship 2022?

Answer: Haryana

Q7. Which Indian has received an honorary commander of the order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth ?

Answer: Ajay Piramal

Q8. Recently which day has been celebrated as World Bee Day?

Answer: May 20

Q9. Recently which Indian woman has won a gold medal in the Women's World Boxing Championship?

Answer: Nikhat Zareen

Q10. Recently who has been selected by Tata Project as CEO and MD?

Answer: Vinayak Pai

Q11. Which insurance company has recently launched India's first dental health insurance plan?

Answer: PNB MetLife India Insurance

Q12. In which Indian city Madame Tussauds museum has been announced soon?

Answer: Noida, UP

Q13. Anna Kabale Duba of which country has been honored with Aster Guardian Global Nursing Award 2022 at an award ceremony held in Dubai?

Answer: Kenya

Q14. Which of the following country has recently become the first Asian country to join the NATO Cyber   Defense Group?

Answer: South Korea

Q15. Recently Navin Srivastava has become the Ambassador of India to which country?

Answer: Nepal

Q16. Elizabeth Bourne has recently been appointed as the new Prime Minister of which country?

Answer: France

Q17. The world's largest suspension bridge located in which of the following country has been opened for passengers?

Answer: Czech Republic

Q18. Hassan Sheikh Mahmood has been recently elected as the new President of which country?

Answer: Somalia

Q19. Andrew Symonds, the former all-rounder of has died in a car accident recently. Name the cricket team he used to play?

Answer: Australian Team.

Q20. Manik Saha has been appointed as the new Chief Minister of which state recently?

Answer: Tripura

Q21. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has passed away recently. He was the president of which country?

Answer: UAE

Q22.  Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has recently won the 2022 presidential election of which country?

Answer: Philippines

Q23. Campbell Wilson has recently been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of which airline company?

Answer: Air India

Q24. Name the Indian actress who has become the first Indian brand ambassador of luxury brand Louis Vuitton?

Answer: Deepika Padukone

Q25. Caitlin Novak has recently been elected as the first female President of which country?

Answer: Hungary

Q26. ASI discovered a 5000-year-old jewellery factory in Rakhi Garhi in which state? It is said to one of its biggest discoveries yet.

Answer: Haryana

Q27. In which country has the Intersolar Europe 2022 event been organized recently?

Answer: Germany

Q28. Where has the first Khadi Center of Excellence been inaugurated recently?

Answer: Delhi

Q29. When has the International Plant Health Day been celebrated recently?

Answer: 12th May

Q30. Yun Suk-yol has recently been sworn in as the 13th President of which country?

Answer: South Korea

Q31. International Nurses Day is celebrated on which day every year?

Answer: Every year International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May to commemorate the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birthday.

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