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Current Affairs Quiz - August 2023 - #compete4exams #eduvictors

 Current Affairs Quiz - August 2023

Current Affairs Quiz - August 2023 - #compete4exams #eduvictors

Q1. PM Modi has launched "Urea Gold", It has a coating of which non-metal?

Q2. What is the STARTFIRE algorithm?

Q3. Amazon India launches first floating store in which state/UT of India?

Q4. Recently which mobile application has been launched by the Central Government to promote basic literacy?

Q5. Which state's Jaderi 'Namkatti', Chedibutta saree has recently got a GI tag?

Q6. Where will the country's first hydrogen fuel industry be set up?

Q7. World Wide Web Day is celebrated every year on _________.

Q8. Who is the author of the recently launched book "Kargil: Ek Yatri ki jubani "?

Q9. Who has recently developed 'Hygroelectricity'?

Q10. Who has built the country's first 'Radio Frequency Seeker of Akash' recently?

Q11. When is 'Hiroshima Day' observed every year?

Q12. Where has the country's first onsite 'Iconic site museum' been set up?

Q13. Which country has discovered the room temperature superconductor 'LK-99' recently?

Q14. Recently discovered natural bacteria 'TC1' by Spanish scientists is capable of controlling which disease?

Q15. When is the National Handloom Day 2023 observed?

Q16. Who has recently approved the world's first postpartum depression prevention pill 'Zurzuvae'?

Q17. Recently which operating system has been adopted by the Ministry of Defense of India for advanced cyber security?

Q18. Which country has successfully launched the Lunar Mission 'Luna25' recently?

Q19. Which commission has recently submitted its final report on OBC sub-categorization to the Central Government?

Q20. Who was honoured with the 'Strong Woman Icon Award' by the UK Parliament?

Q21. Which country won the Asia Hockey Championship 2023?

Q22. The 'Aditya L1' to be launched by ISRO is related to which planetary body?

Q23. With whom is the 'Heron Mark-2' recently inducted in the Indian Air Force related?

Q24. World Organ Donation Day 2023 was observed on _________.

Q25. Which metro has recently become the first to launch the 'Carbonlight Metro Travel' initiative?

Q26. Who is the founder of Sulabh International who passed away recently?

Q27. Where has India's first 3-D printed post office building been inaugurated recently?

Q28. Which has become the world’s most valuable company with a market capitalization of $3 trillion?

Q29. Name the publishing house that has been awarded the 2021 Gandhi Peace Prize by the Ministry of Culture?

Q30. Which Indian writer has been awarded the 45th European Essay Prize for Lifetime Achievement?

Q31. Which country has launched the indigenous computer operating system ‘Openkylin’

Q32. Which portal has been launched by the central government for veterinary medicine and vaccines?

Q33. Who has become the second fastest Asian batsman to score ‘12000 runs’ in international cricket?

Q34. Which state has become the first fully digital banking state in the country?

Q35. Recently Chess World Cup 2023 has been won by ________.

Q36. Who has been given the Best Film Award at the 68th Hyundai Filmfare Awards 2023?

Q37. Which country has successfully launched the world’s first methane-powered rocket ‘Juke-2’?

Q38. Which country has approved the use of the world’s first vaccine for bees?

Q39. Project 'Amber', which was in discussion recently, is related to?

Q40. When has the National Sports Day 2023 been celebrated recently?

Q41. Which bank has launched its coffee table book “The Banker to Every Indian”?


1. Sulphur

2. The algorithm is launched by Raman Research Institute. The algorithm maps RFI signals in space.

3. Dal Lake in J & K


5. Tamilnadu

6. Jharkhand

7. 1st August

8. Rishi Raj

9. University of Massachusetts

10. Bharat Dynamics Limited

11. 6 August

12. Tamil Nadu

13. South Korea

14. Malaria

15. 7th August

16. USA

17. Maya

18. Russia

19. Gorla Rohini Commission

20. Myra Grover

21. India

22. Sun

23. Drone

24. 13 August

25. Delhi

26. Bindeshwar Pathak

27. Bangalore

28. Apple

29. Geeta Press Gorakhpur

30. Arundhati Roy

31. China

32. Nandi Portal

33. Babar Azam

34. Kerala

35. Magnus Carlsen

36. Gangubai Kathiawadi

37. China

38. USA

39. Cloud Skills Training

40. August 29

41. State Bank of India

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