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SSC Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) - Question paper - Nov 2015 - General Awareness

Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
Combined Higher Secondary (10+2)

General Awareness MCQs

Q1: More than 50% of the world’s coal deposits are held by

a. USA, Russia and China
b. China, India and Russia
c. China, India and USA
d. India, Russia and USA

Q2: Who among the following rulers abolished Jaziya?

a. Aurangzeb
b. Akbar
c. Balban
d. Jahangir

Q3: ‘Cloud burst’ means

a. Sowing of seeds of a crop in cloudy weather
b. presence of scattered flakes of cloud in the sky.
c. abnormally heavy downpour of rain, associated with a thunderstorm
d. formation of artificial rain.

Q4: National Renewal Fund (NRF) was instituted for the purpose of

a. Restructuring and modernisation of industries
b. Rural reconstruction
c. Providing pension for retiring employees.
d. Social security

Q5: Pick out the person associated with the coining of the term ‘’gene’

a. Waldeyer
b. Morgan
c. Mendel
d. Johannsen

Q6: How many Nobel Prize awards are awarded each year?

a. 6
b. 5
c. 8
d. 10

Q7: ‘Red Data Book’ provides an account of

a. extinct animals only
b. endangered plants and animals
c. endangered plants only
d. fossil plants

Q8: Dry ice is the solid form of

  a. nitrogen
  b. water
  c. air
  d. carbon dioxide

Q9: First human heart transplant was performed to 

a. 1959
b. 1967
c. 1972
d. 1955

Q10: RBI’s deadline to exchange pre 2005 currency notes of rs. 500 and  rs.  1000 is 

a. December 31, 2015
b. April 1, 2015
c. January 1, 2015
d. March 31, 2015

Q11 Phycology is study of

a. fungi
b.  lichens
c. bacteria
d. algae

Q12: When was the last telegram sent in India?

  a. July 30, 2013
  b. June 14, 2013
  c. August 1, 2013
d. July 14,2013

Q13: How many States are there in the Indian Union?

a. 30
b. 27
c. 29
d. 28

Q14: Which of the following is not coal variety?

a. peat
b. Dolomite
c. Lignite
d. Bituminous

Q15: The intensity ratio of waves is 25 : 9. What is the ratio of their amplitudes?

a. 5 : 3
b. 50 : 18
c. 25 : 9
d. 3 :5

Q16: The 'Battle of Plassey' was fought between

a. None of the options
b. Mir Khasim and Robert Clive
c. Mir Jafar and Robert Clive
d. Sirajudduala and Robert Clive

Q17:  What is ‘Talcher’ important for?

a. Heavy water plant
b. Cable industry
c. Hydro- electricity generation
d. Atomic reactor

Q18: The serious environmental degradation of Maldives is considered to be essentially due to 

a. high population density
b. industrial pollution of water of air
c. constant soil erosion
d. None of the options

Q19: The directive principles incorporated in the Indian Constitution have been inspired by the Constitution of 

  a. Ireland
  b. the USA
  c. Australia
  d. Canada

Q20: Barter transactions means

a. money Acts as a medium of exchange.
b. coins are exchanged for goods
c. goods are exchanged with gold
d. goods are exchanged with goods

Q21: The gas that causes suffocation and death when coal or coke is burnt in a closed room is

a. ethane
b. methane
c. carbon dioxide
d. carbon monoxide

Q22: Name of the first Asian country to orbit Mars.

a. Japan
b. India
c. Pakistan
d. China

Q23:  Which US President announced the “New Deal” for economic recovery in the aftermath of the Great Depression?

a. Roosevelt
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. JF Kennedyrfdc
d.Benjamin Franklin

Q24: A bullet of mass ‘m’ and velocity ‘a’ is fired in to a large block of wood of mass ‘M’. The final velocity of the system is 

a. (m+M)a/d
b. Ma/(m+M)
c. (m+M)a/M      
d. ma/(m+M)

Q25: When number of turns in a coil is tripled, without any change in the length of coil, its self inductance becomes

  a. nine times
  b. six times
  c. three times
  d. one – third

1:  a. USA, Russia and China
2:  b. Akbar
3:  c. abnormally heavy downpour of rain, associated with a thunderstorm
4:  a. Restructuring and modernisation of industries
5:  d. Johannsen
6:  a. 6 (Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace, Economic Sciences)
7:  b. endangered plants and animals
8:  d. carbon dioxide
9:  b. 1967
10:  a. December 31, 2015
11: d. algae
12:  d. July 14,2013
13:  c. 29
14:  b. Dolomite
15:  a. 5 : 3
16:  d. Sirajudduala and Robert Clive
17:  a. Heavy water plant
18:  d. None of the options
19:  a. Ireland
20:  d. goods are exchanged with goods
21:  d. carbon monoxide
22:  b. India
23:  a. Roosevelt
24:  d. ma/(m+M)
25:  a. nine times

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