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English Grammar Quiz

English Grammar Quiz

English Grammar Quiz

(MCQs asked in Common Law Admission Test CLAT 2016)

Directions: Q1 - 10 Fill in blanks by choosing the most appropriate option.

Q1: A fire broke ________ in the neighbourhood.

(a) out
(b) off
(c) away
(d) from

Q2: The method and practice of teaching is called __________

(a) Pediatrics
(b) Pedagogy
(c) Training
(d) Philately

Q3: They always give the available seats _______ comes first.

(a) whom
(b) whichever
(c) whoever
(d) whomever

Q4: There isn't _____ water in the overhead tank.

(a) some
(b) any
(c) little
(d) lot of

Q5: I like reading journals _______ novels.

(a) the best
(b) most than
(c) the least
(d) more than

Q6: There is a lot of work _____ hand. Let's cancel  ____ picnic.

(a) on, a
(b) in, the
(c) in, a
(d) upon, the

Q7: It's unfortunate that he died _______  cancer.

(a) by
(b) from
(c) with
(d) of

Q8: Professor Sharma _______ teaching us ________ August 2012.

(a) was, for
(b) had been, since
(c) has been, since
(d) had been, for

Q9: A thief does not _______ the door.

(a) knock at
(b) knock on
(c) knock to
(d) knock

Q10: If you promise _________ angry with me, I'll tell you what I broke.

(a) not to get
(b) get not
(c) not get
(d) not getting

Directions: Q11- 15. Complete the sentence with appropriate choice.

Q11: They returned home _______ a taxi

(a) on
(b) from
(c) in
(d) with

Q12: I can't bear ______ late.

(a) be
(b) been
(c) to
(d) being

Q13: Her parents have arrived ________ the airport.

(a) at
(b) on
(c) to
(d) in

Q14: I have never come _____ anyone as rude as him.

(a) at
(b) around
(c) across
(d) to

Q15: Mani, along with his friends, _______ for football practice every morning.

(a) were going
(b) goes
(c) are going
(d) go

1: (a) out
2: (b) Pedagogy
3: (c) whoever
4: (b) any
5: (d) more than
6: (b) in, the
7: (b) from
8: (c) has been, since
9: (d) knock
10: (a) not to get
11: (c) in
12: (d) being
13: (a) at
14: (c) across
15: (b) goes

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