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Current Affairs Quiz (December 2016)

Current Affairs Quiz 

(December 2016)
Current Affairs Quiz (December 2016)

Q1: What is BHIM, launched by PM Narendra Modi?

Q2: Who was unveiled as official face of 2nd International Kite Festival?

Q3: Which country claims the world tallest Christmas tree?

Q4: Name the Indian biopics made to Oscars long list.

Q5: PM Narendra Modi lays foundation stone of the world's tallest statue. Name the monument.

Q6: In 2015-16 which country became the topmost source of Foreign Direct Investment in India?

Q7: Which country opened the World's highest bridge?

Q8: Who was named as the World's Best Playmaker of 2016 by International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS)?

Q9: Govt Of India announced 207 Crore project to protect the world's largest river island. Name the island.

Q10: Scientists gave name to newly discovered pink-and-yellow coral reef fish bearing whose name?

Q11: Name the country won the Junior Hockey World Title?

Q12: Name the batsman who scored triple century against England?

Q13: Name the India's city which registered the highest per capita income for 2015-16.

Q14: Who succeeded Najeeb Jung as Delhi's new lieutenant governor?

Q15: Who was appointed as the brand ambassador for Assam Tourism?

Q16: Name the eminent Gandhian and environmentalist and author of the famous book 'Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talab' who  passed away recently after prolonged illness?

Q17: Who won European Sportsperson of the Year award?

Q18: Who sketched the National Emblem?

Q19: When National Mathematics Day is celebrated?

Q20: Who was named as the Most Stylish Man of 2016?


1: BHIM (Bharat Interface for Mobile) a mobile based application for the Unified Payment
Interface (UPI) which will be common across all banks and financial institutions.

2: P V Sandhu

3: Sri Lanka

4: 'M S Dhoni' and 'Sarabjit'

5: Shivaji Smarak

6: Mauratius

7: China (The 1,341-metre-long Beipanjiang Bridge was contructed set at a height of 1,854 feet)

8: Lionel Messi

9: Majuli Island

10: In honour of outgoing US president Obama (Scientific Name of the fish is Tosanoides Obama)

11: India. (India became the first nation who won the Junior Hockey World Title at home. )

12: Karun Nair

13: Delhi

14: Anil Baijal

15: Priyanka Chopra

16: Anupam Mishra

17: Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo

18: Dinanath Bhargava who sketched the National Emblem 'Lion Capital of Ashoka', died at the age of 89 in Indore.

19: December 22

20: Roger Federer

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