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Nouns That Exist In Plural Form

Nouns That Exist In Plural Form

Nouns That Exist In Plural Form

Plural because of many parts – no singular

(i) Articles of dress having two inseparable pans: breeches, braces, drawers, pants, pantaloons, trousers, knickers, shorts, pajamas.
Singular nouns ‘beech’, ‘brace’ and ‘drawer’ have different meanings.

(ii) Instruments having two inseparable parts
bellows, compasses, nutcrackers, pliers, pincers, scissors, shears, snuffers, tongs, forceps
             ‘Forceps’ is a Latin noun and its Latin plural is  ‘forcipes”. Its English plural was ‘forcepses’, but now ‘forceps’ is used as both singular and plural.

(iii) Diseases consisting of many parts (units, patches etc.)
measles, mumps, glands

They may be treated both as singular and plural.
Diseases like ‘chickenpox’, and smallpox’ were treated as plural formerly but now they are treated as singular.

(iv) Parts of the body: bowels, entrails, intestines (speaking generally) . Speaking specifically we say: large or small intestine.

(v) Games: cards, billiards, dominoes
Singular nouns ‘card’ ‘ billiard’ and ‘domino’ are pieces used in those games.

Other Words which are always Plural

ashes: the remains of a human body after cremation.

annals: narrative of events year by year.

assets: property.
Singular ‘asset’ means possession, gain,advantage etc. A knowledge  of English is an asset.

alms: charity (also use as singular)

auspices: patronage (auspice means ‘omen’)

credentials: letter of introduction

customs: tax

eaves: overhanging edge of a roof

embers: small pieces of live coal or wood fires.

fetters: captivity, chain

obsequies: funeral rites

premises: see facing page

proceeds : see ‘returns’ on facing page

remains: what remains over

riches: wealth

statistics: numerical facts collected systematically

stairs: a flight of steps; ‘stair’ is one step

thanks: a good feeling

tidings: used both as singular and plural

wages: usually plural. but we also have ‘a living wage’

wares: articles, a person etc. has for sale.

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