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January 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-3 (#currentaffairs)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

January 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-3

January 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-3 (#currentaffairs)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

1. Recently the Prime Minister inaugurated the National Atomic Scale in National _________ conclave

2. Who has been conferred with the 'Indian Personality of the Year' award at IFFI?

3. National Girl Child Day in India is celebrated on ________ every year.

4. Agni-V is an Indian nuclear-capable ballistic missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The missile is believed to have a range of around _______kilometers.

5. Vanadium which is a high-value metal used in strengthening steel and titanium was recently found in which state?

6. World's largest floating solar energy project in India is going to be constructed on Omkareshwar Dam on river _________

7. Army Day is celebrated on __________ since 1949. Army Day marks the day when Lt Gen KM Carriappa became the first Indian appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army.

8. Who has been appointed as the new British High Commissioner to India?

9. Which state has announced to celebrate the 'Desh Nayak Diwas'?

10. Who was unanimously chosen as the new chairman of the trust which manages the world famous Somnath Temple at Prabhas Patan town in Gujarat

11. The Indian Air Force (IAF) and French Air and Space Force kickstarted the bilateral exercise called __________ at Air Force Station Jodhpur.

12. The National Statistical Office has estimated the India's GDP to contract by _______% in 2020-21.

13. Which state has started the 'Krishi Sanjeevani vans' to test soil and water?

14. Who was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on 20 Jan. 2021.

15. SEBI has imposed a fine of Rs 1 crore on which bank?

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