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India Geography Quiz (Feb 2021) (#India)(#Geography)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

India Geography Quiz  (Feb 2021)

India Geography Quiz  (Feb 2021) (#India)(#Geography)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Q1: In which part of India do tea and coffee plantations overlap?

(a) South India  

(b) East India

(c) South-East India  

(d) South-West India

Q2.What factors changed the landscape of  India the most in the last century?

(a) Irrigation

(b) Movement of people from rura1 to urban areas

(c) Industrialisation

(d) Deforestation

Q3: Which of the following rivers flows westward?

(a) Krishna 

(b) Cauvery

(c) Mahanadi 

(d) Narmada

Q4: In which state of India is coconut grown extensively?

(a) Karnataka 

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Kerala 

(d) Assam

Q5: The great Indian bustard is a/an

(a) Mule 

(b) Reptile

(c) Bird 

(d) Mammal

Q6: Which of the following crops is a  tropical monsoon crop?

(a) Rice 

(b) Wheat

(c) Ragi 

(d) Jowar

Q7: Brahamputra is an example of _________ drainage.

(a) Annualar

(b) Antecedent

(c) Superimposed

(d) Radial

Q8: Mohair is obtained from

(a) Angora goat 

(b) Beetal goat

(c) Karakul sheep 

(d) Lincoln sheep

Q9: Which one of the following soil types of  India is rendered infertile by the presence of excess iron? 

(a) Desert sand  

(b) Alluvial

(c) Podzolic 

(d) La teritic

Q10: Which one of the following types of erosion is responsible for the formation of Chambal Ravines?

(a) Splash 

(b) Sheet

(c) Rill 

(d) Gully


1: (d) South  West India

2:(b) Movement of people from rura1 to urban areas

3: (d) Narmada

4: (c) Kerala 

5: (c) Bird 

6: (a) Rice 

7: (b) Antecedent

8: (a) Angora goat 

9: (c) Podzolic 

10: (d) Gully

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