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March 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-4 (#currentaffairs)(#march2021)(#compete4exams)(#upsc)(#ssc)(#eduvictors)

March 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-4

March 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-4 (#currentaffairs)(#march2021)(#compete4exams)(#upsc)(#ssc)(#eduvictors)

1. China and _______ have recently signed a memorandum of understanding for lunar research station.This station will have a campus which will be on the surface of the moon.

2. Mark Rutte of ________ recently became the prime minister after winning the election for the fourth consecutive time.

3. Who has established the committee "SEAC" of permanent external advisor?

4. World Water Day is celebrated all over the world on _________.

5. Which film has been voted the Best Hindi Film at the 67th National Film Awards?

6. The chief minister of which state recently launched "Meri Suraksha Mera Mask"campaign?

7. Who is expected to be the next chief Justice of India on April 24?

8. Name the company that has announced to develop COVID-19 vaccine tablet.

9. _________ ranked first in terms of workplace satisfaction as per the JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) Human Performance Indicator (HPI) Index.

10. Name the Hindi writer, who will be honored with the prestigious Vyas Samman - 2020. He will be awarded the 31st Vyas Samman for his novel "Patliputra Ki Samragi".

11. Recently who has been appointed as Mahindra & Mahindra as Managing Director and CEO?

12. Recently climbers Rohtash Khaleri and Anu Yadav have set a record for 24 hours stop at which highest peak?


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