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May 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1 (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

May 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1 

May 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1 (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the Hindi translation of the book ‘Odisha Itihaas’, written by __________ at the Ambedkar International Centre.

2. ________ has won the AM Turing Award 2020 for his research and influential text books on fundamental algorithms and theory underlying programming language implementation.

3. The UN health agency said the ______ variant of Covid-19 first found in India last October seemed to be transmitting more easily than the original version of the virus, and might possibly have some increased resistance to vaccine protections.

4. The Indian Parliament has merged two TV channels, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV into one integrated channel called "_________".

5. Who has been appointed as the 38th chairman of 'FICCI FLO'?.

6. Which country has declared a state of emergency after a cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company?

7. NASA's rover has recorded the flight of Ingenuity chopper from which planet?

8. Who has been awarded the "Sports Man of the Year 2021" award?

9. How many horsepower has the Indian Railways added to the country's most powerful electric locomotive "12B engine"?

10. Who has written the book "The Bench" to be released in the next month (June)?

11. Which country has succeeded in producing a single dose vaccine of Corona?

12. Who was awarded the "UNESCO World Press Freedom Award 2021"?

13. Which country became the first country to allow driverless cars on roads?

14. Who has been awarded Japan's "Order of the Rising Ser" award?

15. Which 'air to air missile' has been successfully tested by DRDO?

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