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General Science Quiz - 5 (#generalScience)(#ssc)(#upsc)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

General Science Quiz - 5

General Science Quiz - 5 (#generalScience)(#ssc)(#upsc)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Q1: The unit of work is

(A) Joule 

(B) Neutron

(C) Watt 

(D) Dyne

Q2: Reaction involving gain of electrons from an atom or ion is called

(A) Oxidation

(B) Reduction

(C) Redox

(D) Effervescence

Q3: One of the following compounds turns blue litmus paper into red

(A) NaCl

(B) H₂CO₃

(C) Na₂O₃

(D) KNO₃

Q4: What is measured by manometer? 

(A) Air pressure

(B) Pressure of gas

(C) Density of liquids

(D) Pressure of oil on the surface

Q5: Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

(A) Displacement 

(B) Velocity

(C) Force

(D) Volume

Q6: At which temperature density of water is maximum?

(A) 4°C 

(B) 0°C

(C) –4°C 

(D) –8°C

Q7: When we see the sky from a plane at a high altitude, then it seems

(A) Blue

(B) White

(C) Black

(D) Red

Q8: Unsaturated fatty acids are converted into saturated fatty acid through the process of:

(A) Hydrogenation

(B) Assimilation

(C) Glycolysis

(D) Fermentation

Q9: Among the following which is the largest, fastest and costliest computer? 

(A) Laptop

(B) Notebook

(C) Desktop

(D) Supercomputer

Q10: The most commonly used substance in fluorescent tubes are:

(A) Sodium Oxide and Argon 

(B) Sodium Vapour and Neon 

(C) Mercury Vapour and Argon 

(D) Mercuric Oxide and Neon

Q11: Which of the following cell organelle functions as a ‘ Packaging Centre ‘ in the cell?

(A) Lysosomes

(B) Ribosomes

(C) Plastids

(D) Golgi complex

Q12: Red chillies are hot because they contain:

(A) Ricin 

(B) Capsaicin

(C) Arecoline 

(D) Caffeol

Q13: Which of the following is a source of biofertilizer?

(A) Yeast

(B) Chlorella 

(C) Azolla 

(D) Mold

Q14: Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) has colour due to

(A) Cutin 

(B) Chlorophyll

(C) Haemocynin 

(D) Haemoglobin

Q15: When ants bite, they inject:

(A) Glacial acetic acid 

(B) Methanol

(C) Formic acid

(D) Stearic acid


1: (A) Joule 

2: (B) Reduction

3: (B) H₂CO₃

4: (B) Pressure of gas

5: (D) Volume

6: (A) 4°C

7: (C) Black

8: (A) Hydrogenation

9: (D) Supercomputer

10: (C) Mercury Vapour and Argon 

11: (D) Golgi complex

12: (B) Capsaicin

13: (C) Azolla 

14: (D) Haemoglobin

15: (C) Formic acid

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