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June 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1 (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

June 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1

June 2021 Current Affairs Quiz-1 (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

1. Who has been sworn in as new NASA Administrator? 

2. Which has become the first country to announce regulation that allows the use of self-driving vehicles at slow speeds on motorways?

3. Who became the World Champion for the fourth time in Snooker by defeating Shaun Murphy by 18-15 victory at Crucible Theatre, Sheffield?

4. Name the Bollywood star who has received a golden visa for the UAE?

5. Name the Art Historian who becomes the first female president of Musée du Louvre, the world’s largest museum in Paris, France in 228 years?

6. India has launched the “Real-time Vessel Tracking System” in order to help the seafarers and fishermen as and when they need. This system has been named as “Sagar-Manthan: Mercantile Marine Domain Awareness Centre (MMDAC)”. Who launched the system at the Maritime India Summit-2021?

7. Who penned a new book titled “Advantage India: The Story of Indian Tennis”, a chronicle of Indian Tennis.?

8. Who became the oldest person in the world to climb the Mount Everest?

9. When was Hunger Day celebrated this year?

10. Name the senior IPS officer who was was appointed as the new CBI chief for two years?

11. When was Hunger Day celebrated this year?

12. Cambridge University chemists __________ and David Klenerman have been declared the winners of the 2020 Millennium Technology Prize.

13. World's largest floating solar energy project in India is going to be constructed on Omkareshwar Dam on ________ river.

14. Which multinational has launched ‘ViraGen’, a polymerase chain reaction (Covid-19 RT-PCR) test for Covid-19 in India.

15. Indian economist and Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen has been awarded the highest award of which country?

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