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What is Water Cycle? #sciencenotes #compete4exams #eduvictors

What is Water Cycle?

What is Water Cycle? #sciencenotes #compete4exams #eduvictors

and oxygen atoms make up water molecules. Hydrogen and oxygen are essential nutrients for all living things. In aquatic ecosystems, acquiring these nutrients is clearly not a problem. They are, however, sometimes scarce in terrestrial habitats. Both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as the air above them, are involved in water cycling in nature.

Terms related to water cycle:


The process of changing water into vapour.


The process of changing vapour into water.


Any form of water that falls to the earth’s surface.


Water that moves along the earth’s surface, it is not absorbed.


Draining or seeping of water into the earth.


When water is moved towards the surface.


When plants take water from the ground.


Water leaving the pores from leaves on plants.


Breaking down of organic matter, releases water to the environment.

What is Water Cycle? #sciencenotes #compete4exams #eduvictors


Q1. Which of the following canals brought about greenery in Rajasthan?

 a. Indira Gandhi Canal 

 b. Rajiv Gandhi Canal

 c. Jawaraharlal Canal 

 d. None of these

Q2. Primary source of water is

 a. Rivers 

 b. Ground water

 c. Lakes 

 d. Rain water

Q3. The ancient water harvesting method used in Rajasthan is

 a. Surangams 

 b. Kattas

 c. Kulhs 

 d. Nadis

Q4. The presence of which microorganism in Ganga water indicates contamination

 a. Lactobacillus bacteria 

 b. Amoeba

 c. Coliform bacteria 

 d. Mucor spores

Q5. Sardar Sarovar Dam was constructed on

 a. Ganga 

 b. Yamuna

 c. Godavari 

 d. Narmada

Q6. Water cycle is made up of two overlapping cycles

 a. Global and smaller cycles

 b. Ground water and atmospheric cycles

 c. Oceanic and fresh water cycles

 d. Surface water and atmospheric cycles


1. a. Indira Gandhi Canal 

2. d. Rain water

3. d. Nadi4. c. Coliform bacteria 

5. d. Narmada

6. a. Global and smaller cycles

   (Note: Hydrological cycle is actually made of two overlapping cycles larger global water cycle consists of evaporation and precipitation of water and smaller biological water cycle involves entry of water into living beings and its return to the physical environment.)

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