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List of Common Occupational Diseases

 Occupational Diseases

List of Common Occupational Diseases

Occupational Diseases: These are the diseases developed among the workers while working in a specific industry.

Here is the list of common occupational diseases that workers suffer from.

- Disease Cause and Effects
1. Asbestosis It is scarring and inflammation of lungs tissues. General sufferers are asbestos miners, workers who install asbestos sheets and officer workers work in offices having asbestos roof tops.
2. Silicosis Lung infection by inhaling silica dust. Miners, Tunnel and quarry operators suffer the most.
3. Pneumoconiosis Also called black lung disease. Common among coal miners and thermal power station workers.
4. Byssinosis Also called Monday Fever or Brown lung disease caused by inhaling cotton dust. Textile workers, workers of yarn, thread, and fabric industry are prone to this disease.
5. Eczema or Dermatitis It is inflammation of the skin. Workers who regularly come in contact with chemicals . e.g.beauticians, paint industry workers, motor mechanics, washer-men, printers etc. can have eczema
6. Carpal tunnel syndrome It is pain, numbness, and tingling, in fingers due to compression of the median nerve which travels through wrist to hand. Poultry workers, Information Technology workers are among the common sufferers.
7. Anthrax It is skin or intestinal lesions. Exposure to infected animals specially in woolen and meat industry often lead to such infections.
8. Chimney Sweeps Cancer Or Soot Wart People who clean chimneys generally have risk. It is also known to be the first reported occupational cancer.
9. Lead Poisoning Workers of Paint industry, car or storage industry are more prone to lead poisoning.
10. Computer Vision Syndrome Persons work in Information Technology industry or work on computers for long hours. The disease causes dry eye, fatigue, vertigo or dizziness and blurred vision.

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