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English Comprehension-1

English Comprehension

English Comprehension-1

Directions: Read the following passage and answer the following MCQs.

Disability refers to any kind of physical or mental incapacity that limits a person's ability to work. Yet it is seldom that we have thanked God for the gift of Good health and well being. The smallest actions like seeing the sunrise, brushing our teeth, popping peanuts into your mouth come so naturally and effortlessly, and Yet we are never satisfied, always discontented. It is not so for the disabled. For them it requires immense concentration, effort, will power, energy and a lot of time. Despite this, it could be a long way of perfection.

It takes great courage and determination to cope with disability. We can make life easier for them by becoming more sensitive to their handicap, their needs and their problems.

Feeling of pity or under sympathy will only shake their confidence. Give them encouragement, facilities and resources, and then watch them as they learn, earn, play, work and even start their families.

Very often we find that a person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some other way. That's nature's way of maintaining balance. Some of the most beautiful greeting cards are made by disabled children, using one hand, one foot or even mouth. Nothing stops them from using their talent, intelligence and their knowledge.

Q1. To cope up with disability one needs lot of ................

(a) Courage
(b) Determination
(c) Courage and determination
(d) Effort

Q2. Pity and sympathy can make them loose.

(a) Confidence
(b) Will power
(c) Determination
(d) Ability

Q3. If we are sensitive to their needs and problems we will.

(a) Learn to cope better
(b) Admire ability
(c) Enhance our lives
(d) All of these

Q4. A person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some other way. That‟s how nature .......

(a) Maintains imbalance
(b) Maintains balance
(c) Helps them cope with disability
(d) Helps them to be tough

Q5. An agency promoting greeting cards made by specially gifted children is .........

(a) WTO
(b) IMF
(d) WHO

Q6. We should thank God for ............

(a) Being able to do easiest of tasks
(b) Being able to enjoy benefits of nature
(c) Being able to walk and talk
(d) All of these


1: (c) Courage and determination
2: (b) Will power
3: (d) All of these
4: (b) Maintains balance
5: (c) UNICEF
6: (d) All of these

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