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General Knowledge Quiz-1

General Knowledge Quiz-1

Compete4Exams Blog - General Knowledge Quiz-1

Following MCQs taken from Common Law Admission Test (CLAT 2016)

Q1: Country’s first ‘visually-challenged friendly’ railway station is ____________

(A) Tirupathi
(B) New Delhi
(C) Varanasi
(D) Mysuru

Q2: The ‘Paris Agreement’ was adopted in the twenty first session of Conference of Parties in the month of __________

(A) November, 2015
(B) February, 2016
(C) December, 2015 
(D) January, 2016

Q3: Who is the Chairman of National Green Tribunal?

(A) Justice R.C. Lahoti
(B) Justice Balakrishna Reddy
(C) Justice Swatanter Kumar
(D) Justice Bhandhari

Q4: Who is the Union Finance Minister of India?

(A) Mr. Rajnath Singh
(B) Mr. Arun Jaitly
(C) Mr. D.V. Sadananda Gowda
(D) Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

Q5:  Named the country which cloned a buffalo calf first time in the world?

(A) Denmark
(B) Sweden
(C) U.S.A
(D) India

Q6: In an attempt to curb black money, the Government has made PAN mandatory for all financial transactions exceeding Rupees _________.

(A) 1 lakh
(B) 2 lakhs
(C) 3 lakhs
(D) 4 lakhs

Q7: Who has scored the fastest century in a Test Cricket match?

(A) A B de Villiers, South Africa
(B) Brandon McCullum, New Zealand
(C) Vivian Richards, West Indies
(D) Misbah Ul Haq, Pakistan

Q8: The currency of Thailand is _________

(A) Ringgit
(B) Rupee
(C) Peseta
(D) Baht

Q9: Under the Constitution of India the official language of the Union is ________

(A) Hindi in Devanagari Script
(B) Hindi
(C) English
(D) English and Hindi

Q10: Name the Indian Gymnast who has become the first female Indian Gymnast to qualify for the Olympics?

(A) Anjubala
(B) Dipa Karmakar
(C) Bisweshwari Nandi
(D) Rupinder Kaur

1: (D) Mysuru
2: (C) December, 2015 (✍ The treaty was signed in November 2016)
3: (C) Justice Swatanter Kumar
4: (B) Mr. Arun Jaitly
5: (D) India
6: (B) 2 lakhs
7: (B) Brendon McCullum, New Zealand
8: (D) Baht
9: (A) Hindi in Devanagari Script
10: (B) Dipa Karmakar

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