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Current Affairs Quiz October 2021 (Part-1)(#currentaffairs)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Current Affairs Quiz October 2021 


Current Affairs Quiz October 2021 (Part-1)(#currentaffairs)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Q1: In which state Union Minister Piyush Goyal has announced to set up “Weaver Services and Design Resource Centre”?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh

Q2: In which state HAL has tied up with Alliance Air for deployment of civil DO-228 aircraft?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q3: Which ministry has launched India's first all India helpline "Elder Line" for senior citizens?

Ans. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

Q4. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 30th September?

Ans. International Translation Day

Q5. Name the Union Minister of Power & Energy, who has approved the formation of an empowered “Disputes Redressal Mechanism”?

Ans. R K Singh (Raj Kumar Singh)

Q6. In which city Yogi Adityanath has launched “Nirbhaya-Ek Pahal” program under Mission Shakti-Phase 3?

Ans. Lucknow

Q7. The Central Government has announced the division of 41 factories of the Ordnance Factory Board into how many new corporate units?

Ans. Seven

Q8. Which space agency has launched the powerful satellite Landsat 9?


Q9. Which state's forest department has inaugurated the state's first palmetum?

Ans. Uttarakhand

Q10. Which mission will Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch today?

Ans : Swachh Bharat Mission Urban 2.0

Q12. Who has been appointed as the first Director General of the newly formed Directorate General of Armaments?

Ans : ER Sheikh

Q13. Which former President has been sentenced to one year imprisonment by a Paris court for spending twice the amount in the 2012 elections?

Ans : Nicolas Sarkozy

Q14. Which state government has been approved by the High Court for the door step delivery scheme?

Ans : Delhi Government

Q15. Which footballer of England's world winning team has passed away at the age of 83?

Ans. Roger Hunt

Q16. Najla Bowden Romdhane has become the first woman Prime Minister of which country?

Ans. Tunisia

Q17. Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has been elected as the new Prime Minister of which country?

Ans. Japan

Q18. Which country has successfully test-fired a newly developed hypersonic missile named Haasong-8 from the east coast?

Ans. North Korea

Q19. Name the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, who has launched “Ease of Logistics Portal”?

Ans. Piyush Goyal

Q20. Which environmental organization has been announced to give Right Livelihood Award 2021?

Ans. Delhi Based Environmental Organization

Q21. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 1st October?

Ans. International Day of Older Persons

Q22. The Union Labor and Employment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has launched “Digi Saksham” in collaboration with which company?

Ans : Microsoft

Q23. US Space NASA is set to launch Lucy, the first spacecraft to study Trojan asteroids from which planet?

Ans : Jupiter

Q24. According to Hurun India, who has been ranked first in the list of the country's rich for the tenth consecutive year?

Ans : Mukesh Ambani

Q25. Which social media company has recently launched “Creator Education Program” in India?

Ans : Facebook

Q26. India-based Dr. Rukmini Banerjee and which country-based professor Eric Hanushek have been honored with the 2021 Yidan Award?

Ans : America

Q27. October 02 is being celebrated across the world as which day?

Ans : International Day of Nonviolence

Q28. Which institute in India has developed the first option of cornea transplant?

Ans. IIT Hyderabad

Q29. What is the foreign debt ratio of India's GDP as of March 2020?

Ans. 21.1%

Q30. On which date Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated?

Ans. 02 October

Q31. On which day is the World Smile Day celebrated?

Ans. First Friday of October

Q32. International Translation Day is celebrated on which day?

Ans. 30 September

Q33. Recently which country has discussed joining Taliban-led Afghanistan in multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects?

Ans. Pakistan

Q34. All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has developed a kit to increase immunity in children up to how many years?

Ans. 16 years

Q35. Who has published the “UNCTAD Digital Economy Report 2021” recently?

Ans : United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.

Q36. Recently who has released its “State Nutrition Profile” report?

Ans : NITI Aayog

Q37. Which ministry has recently launched “SACRED Portal”?

Ans : Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Q38. October 03 is being celebrated as which day across the world?

Ans : World Restraint Day and World Nature Day.

Q39. In which state NABARD has approved a credit scheme for yak rearing?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q40. Who will participate in the G-20 summit to be held on 7-8 October in Rome, the capital of Italy?

Ans : Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Deputy Speaker Harivansh Italy and General Secretary of both the houses.

Q41. Which famous artist of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah has passed away at the age of 77?

Ans : Ghanshyam Nayak (Nattu Kaka)

Q42. Which Kovid-19 vaccine made for children has been approved by the Central Drugs Laboratory (CDL)?

Ans : Zydus Cadila Company's Jaicab-D

Q43. Who has been elected as the new President (unopposed) of Weightlifting Federation of India?

Ans : Sahdev Yadav

Q44. Which rice variety grown in Palghar, Maharashtra has been given GI tag?

Ans : Kolam

Q45. Which state government has announced to ban bottled water from 01 January 2022?

Ans : Sikkim

Q46. October 04 is being celebrated as which day across the world?

Ans : World Animal Day

Q47. Which film actress has been made the brand ambassador of "One District One Product Scheme" by the Government of Uttar Pradesh?

Ans : Kangana Ranaut

Q48. The world's largest flag (Tricolor) has been hoisted in Leh, Ladakh, what is its length, width and weight?

Ans : 225 Feet Long, 150 Feet Wide, 1400 kg

Q49. Which commission has invited applications for the 5th Bowman Transforming India Awards 2021-22?

Ans. NITI Aayog

Q50. In which country "Atmanirbhar Bharat" corner has been inaugurated to promote Indian tribal arts and crafts?

Ans. Canada

Q51. Which edition of the joint training exercise “Surya Kiran” organized between India and Nepal has concluded?

Ans. 15th

Q52. Name the Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, who has launched “Wetlands of India” portal?

Ans. Mr. Bhupendra Yadav

Q53. The 8th edition of joint exercise Mitra Shakti between India and which neighboring country is being organized in “Ampara”?

Ans. Sri Lanka

Q54. The Botanical Survey of India has added how many new species to the country's flora in its new publication Plant Discovery, 2020?

Ans. 267

Q55. Which week is celebrated across the world from October 4 to October 10?

Ans. World Space Week

Q56. In which program will Prime Minister Narendra Modi take part in his Lucknow visit today?

Ans : Amrit Festival of Independence

Q57. Which company has been acquired by Adani Green Energy Limited for Rs 26 thousand crore?

Ans : SB India Energy

Q58. Who has won the San Diego Open tennis tournament by defeating Cameron Nouri of Britain in straight sets?

Ans : Casper Rudd of Norway

Q59. Which two researchers have been chosen as the joint winners of the Nobel Prize for discovering the mechanism of sensing temperature and touch?

Ans : David Julius, Ardem Patapoutian

Q60. Who has taken over as the new Prime Minister of Japan?

Ans : Fumio Kishida

Q61. Which hypersonic missile has been successfully test-fired by Russia?

Ans : Zircon Hypersonic Cruise Missile From Submarine.

Q62. Swedish cartoonist, who came into controversy by making a cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, has died in a road accident, what was his name?

Ans : Lars Wicks

Q63. October 05 is being celebrated as which day all over the world?

Ans : World Teacher's Day

Q64. Recently a lunar crater was named Matthew Hanson, which is located at?

Ans. South Pole

Q65. Which state's Minority Welfare Minister Haji Hussain Ansari has passed away?

Ans. Jharkhand

Q66. Which state of India has given GI tag to Vada Kolam, a rice variety produced in India?

Ans. Maharashtra

Q67. David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian of America have been jointly announced the "Nobel Prize 2021" for which field?

Ans. Medicine

Q68. In which state, Vice President M Vekaiah Naidu has distributed the popular Gopinath Bordoloi Awards?

Ans. Assam

Q69. Which international organization has released a report "Global Financial Stability Report" on cryptocurrencies?

Ans. International Monetary Fund

Q70. In how many reserves, Union Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav has started tiger rallies?

Ans. 51 Reserve

Q71. Kamdhenu Deepawali 2021 campaign has been launched under the guidance of Dr. Vallabhbhai Kathiriya, the first chairman of which commission?

Ans. National Kamdhetu Commission

Q72. Which 06-year-old student of class I has registered her name in the Guinness Book of World Records by telling 7 special information related to 195 countries of the world in just 9 minutes 31 seconds?

Ans : Jiana Shah (Indore, Madhya Pradesh)

Q73. The artist who played the role of Ravana in 300 Hindi and Gujarati films and Ramayana, passed away at the age of 82. What was his name?

Ans : Arvind Trivedi

Q74. Which three scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for climate related discoveries?

Ans : Succaro Manabe (Japan), Kleis Hasselmann (Germany) and Giorgio Parisi (Italy).

Q75. What rating has been given by rating agency Moody's to India?

Ans : BAA3

Q76. Who has become the first player from India and the seventh batsman in the world to hit 400 sixes in T20 cricket?

Ans : Rohit Sharma

Q77. Who has been appointed by the International Finance Corporation as its new head in India?

Ans : Wendy Werner

Q78. Who has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia for the second time?

Ans : Abi Ahmed Ali

Q79. Which company has appointed actor Amitabh Bachchan as its new brand ambassador?

Ans : Crypto Exchange Company CoinDCX

Q80. England player Sam Curran has had to be out of the T20 World Cup squad due to injury, who has been included in his place?

Ans : Tom Karan

Q81. Adidas company has launched which new campaign in which they have announced to replace all virgin polyester with recycled polyester by the year 2024?

Ans : Impossible is Nothing

Q82. October 06 is being celebrated across the world as which day?

Ans : World Cerebral Palsy Day, World Financial Planning Day and Random Acts of Poetry Day.

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