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Geography India Quiz (May 2022) #geography #India #generalknowledge #compete4exams #eduvictors

Geography India Quiz (May 2022)

Geography India Quiz (May 2022) #geography #India #generalknowledge #compete4exams #eduvictors

Level: Tough

Answer the following questions.

Q1: The west of India has a desert. Name it.

Q2. Area wise India ranks _____ position among other countries.

Q3. The mainland of India spans between which latitudes?

Q4. India shares her boundaries with which countries?

Q5. Sri Lanka is separated from India by a narrow channel of sea formed by _______ and _______.

Q6. Name two passes that we come across on the main Indo-Tibet trade route.

Q7. Where is the Luni river located?

Q8. Where are the mountain ranges of the Cardamom Hills located?

Q9. Prior to the collision of the Indian Plate with the Eurasian plate around 4-5 crore years ago, The Indian region was covered by an ocean called ______.

Q10. When the Brahmaputra river enters Arunachal Pradesh, there it is called ______.

Q11. Name any major west flowing river.

Q12. Which animal is found in the hot-wet forests of Assam, Karnataka and Kerala?

Q13. In which delta, Sundri trees are found that provide durable hard timber.

Q14. Name any two animals found in Montane Forests.

Q15. Which Indian state has the longest coastline and international border?


1. Thar desert

2. 7th

3. It extends between latitudes 8°4' and 37°6' north, longitudes 68°7' and 97°25' east.

4. Afghanistan and Pakistan to the north-west; 

   China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north; 

   Myanmar to the far east; and 

   Bangladesh to the east.

5. Palk Strait and Gulf of Munnar

6. Jelep La and Nathu La 

7. The Luni is the largest river in the Thar Desert of northwest India.

8. The Cardamom Hills or Yela Mala are mountain ranges of southern India and part of the southern Western Ghats located in Idukki district, Kerala, India.

9. Tethys

10. Dihang

11. Narmada and Tapti

12. Elephants

13. Ganga-Brhamputra delta

14. Kashmir stag, Red Panda, Tibetan antelope

15. Gujarat

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