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Current Affairs Quiz - September 2023 #eduvictors #compete4exams

Current Affairs Quiz - September 2023

Current Affairs Quiz - September 2023 #eduvictors #compete4exams

Q1: Recently, Indian-origin economist Tharman Shanmugaratna has been elected the President of which country?

Q2:  Who has recently been named the world's top central banker by the US-based Global Finance magazine?

Q3: Which American state has recently declared October as 'Hindu Heritage Month'?

Q4: Which Indian has recently received the ‘World Innovation Award’?

Q5: Who is the first transgender cricketer from Canada to play international cricket recently?

Q6: Who has recently created the world record of winning the Italian Grand Prix 10 consecutive times?

Q7:  Where will the exhibition 'Roots and Roots: Past Present and Continuous' be organized under the G-20 chairmanship?

Q8:  Who has successfully launched the lunar mission ‘Moon Sniper’ recently?

Q9: When is International Literacy Day celebrated every year?

Q10: Recently, scientists of which country have developed a 'human embryo model' using stem cells without eggs or sperm?

Q11: Who is the author of the book ‘Fire on the Ganga: Life among the Dead in Banaras’?

Q12: Where is the recently active ‘Kilaua Volcano’ located?

Q13: Who was the inventor of Dolly the sheep who passed away recently?

Q14: The 'Clade 9' virus discovered recently in the country is related to?

Q15: Which team won the Asia Cup 2023?

Q16: What has the old Parliament House been named recently by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Q17: Where has 'Gandhi Walk' been organized recently after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Q18: Where has the rare metal ‘Vanadium’ been discovered recently?

Q19: Which village has been recently selected as the 'Best Tourist Village' of India?

Q20: When is World Tourism Day celebrated every year?

Q21: Who will be awarded the 53rd Dadasaheb Phalke Lifetime Achievement Award 2021?

Q22: Who has developed India's first green hydrogen fuel cell bus launched in New Delhi recently?

Q23: Which film will represent India in the Best Foreign Language Film category at Oscars 2024 recently?

Q24: Who has recently launched the Indian version of the Play Store ‘Indus App Store’?

Q25: Who is known as the Father of the Green Revolution in India? Recently he passed away at the age of 98. 

Q26: Where was the country's first cartography museum 'George Everest' inaugurated recently?


1: Singapore

2: Shaktikanta Das

3: Georgia

4: Shanta Thotom

5: Daniel McGahey

6: Max Verstappen

7: New Delhi, India

8: Japan

9: 8 September

10: Israel

11: Radhika Iyengar

12: Hawaiian Islands

13: Ian Wilmut

14: Chickenpox

15: India

16: Samvidhan Sadan

17: Johannesburg

18: Gujarat

19: Kiriteshwari

20: 27 September

21: Waheeda Rehman

22: IOCL

23: 2018: Everyone is a hero

24: PhonePe

25: MS Swaminathan

26: Uttarakhand


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