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Current Affairs Quiz - October 2023 #compete4exams #currentaffairs

Current Affairs Quiz - October 2023

Current Affairs Quiz - October 2023 #compete4exams #currentaffairs

Q1. Where will the first global leaders' summit on AI Safety be held?

Q2. Who is the first female wrestler in the country to become world champion in Under-23 wrestling held in Albania?

Q3. Name the company that is the official sponsor of the 37th National Games?

Q4. Who has scored the fastest century in the recent ODI World Cup?

Q5. Which is India's first satellite-based gigabit broadband service launched recently?

Q6. Who has scored the fastest century in the recent ODI World Cup?

Q7. Recently Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar has been elected as the king of which country?

Q8. Whose autobiography is 'Lion that Drinks the Moonlight'?

Q9. Where have the 37th National Games been organized for the first time?

Q10. Who will build the world's largest neutrino particle detector 'Trident'?

Q11. When is World Polio Day 2023 observed?

Q12. Who has been selected for the European Union's Sakharov Human Rights Prize 2023?

Q13. Name the country's first regional rapid rail recently launched by the Prime Minister?

Q14. Which nation has recently developed a quantum engine named 'PAULI'?

Q15. Who is the author of the book 'The Reverse Swing: Colonialism to Cooperation'?

Q16. Recently the World Animal Health Organization has declared India free from what?

Q17. Which will be India’s first wetland city recently?

Q18. Where has ‘Miniature Eastern Ghats’ become a new tourist destination recently?

Q19. Recently, the Ganga dolphin has been declared as the state aquatic animal of which state?

Q20. Who has been elected the new Prime Minister of New Zealand?

Q21. Who has recently received the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2023?

Q22. Who has recently received the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2023?

Q23. Where has 'Marog Tunnel' started recently?

Q24. Who has recently launched Europe's first reusable rocket 'Miura 1'?

Q25. Where is 'Shore Temple', which recently became India's first green energy archaeological site, located?

Q26. Who is the manufacturer of the malaria vaccine ‘R21/Matrix-M’ recently recommended by WHO?

Q27. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the year 2023?


1. UK

2. Ritika Hooda

3. PayTM

4. Glenn Maxwell

5. Jio Space Fiber

6. Glenn Maxwell

7. Malaysia

8. S. Somnath

9. Goa

10. China

11. 24 October

12. Jeena Mahsa Amini

13. Namo Bharat

14. Germany

15. Ashok Tandon

16. Bird Flu

17. Udaipur

18. Visakhapatnam

19. Uttar Pradesh

20. Christopher Luxon

21. John Fos

22. Claudia Goldin

23. Jammu & Kashmir

24. Spain

25. Tamilnadu

26. Oxford-Serum Institute

27.  Katalin Kariko-Drew Weissman

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