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Pre-Historic Period Quiz (Solved)(#eduvictors)(#HistoryQuiz)

 Pre-Historic Period Quiz

Pre-Historic Period Quiz (Solved)(#eduvictors)(#HistoryQuiz)

The following quiz help you memorise important points about Pre-Historic Age

First metal used by man -

Iron was brought (discovered) by -

Iron age began -

Excellent Mesolithic cave painting found in present Madhya Pradesh -

Earliest grown up cereals -

First animal tamed by Neolithic man -

Evidence of dog burial along with human beings -

Inamgaon belongs to which culture? -

Main foodcrop of Chinese civilization -

Man appeared on the earth in which period? -

First thing learnt by primitive man -

Pottery first appeared in - First thing learnt by primitive man -

In Chalcolithic age, tools were made up of -

Neolithic age Types of Tools were? -

Tools made of flakes appeared in which age? -

India’s Pre-historic gift -

The Palaeolithic men -

Mesolithic period -

Palaeolithic period - Mesolithic period -

Neolithic period -

Homo sapiens appeared in -

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