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February Current Affairs Quiz-1 (#CurrentAffairs2021)(#CurrentAffairs)(#compete4Exams)(#eduvictors)

February Current Affairs Quiz-1

February Current Affairs Quiz-4 (#CurrentAffairs2021)(#CurrentAffairs)(#compete4Exams)(#eduvictors)

1. Which state government has launched its own packaged drinking water in the name of Mission Bhagirath?

2. India's first Igloo Cafe has been Built in which state/UT?

3. Which mobile brand has launched the Shiksha Har Haath initiative for poor students?

4. When is World Leprosy Day celebrated?

5. Which organization has named 2020 as The Worst Year on Record?

6. Which state has ranked 1st among the small states on the India Justice Report 2020?

7. According to the report released, which city has become the most favorite city of tourists of world?

8. Who has presented the first paperless budget after independence?

9. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of the Ayushman Bharat?

10. Which telecom venture has become the world's fifth strongest brand?

11. The _________ which is part of the largest mangrove forest in the world, is home to 428 species of birds, a recent publication of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) States.

12. Which word has been declared by Oxford as the Hindi word of the year 2020?

13. Which metro has become the first metro to use UV rays to sanitize train coaches?

14. Who wrote the book 'The Little Book of Encouragement'?

15. Which country has topped the ongoing 'Democracy Index 2020'?

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