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‘आत्मनिर्भरता’ means 'Self-Reliance' - Hindi Word Of Year 2020 (#GeneralAwareness)(#Hindi)#India #eduvictors #compete4exams

‘आत्मनिर्भरता’ means 'Self-Reliance' - Hindi Word Of the Year 2020

‘आत्मनिर्भरता’ means 'Self-Reliance' - Hindi Word Of Year 2020 (#GeneralAwareness)(#Hindi)#India #eduvictors #compete4exams

🏆 The term  ‘आत्मनिर्भरता’ means 'self-reliance' was announced by Oxford Languages ​​as the Hindi word of the year 2020.

👉 The term refers to the day-to-day achievements of countless Indians to protect themselves and others during the Corona epidemic.

👉The Hindi term by Oxford here refers to a word that reflects the ethos, mood or condition of the previous year and which has the potential to persist as a word of cultural significance.

Meaning of the word “आत्मनिर्भरता” or "self-reliance":

👉 This word derived from the Sanskrit language is basically made up of two different words 'Atma' and 'Dependent'. The word Atma means 'self or soul' and 'dependent' means all the things that a person does himself or gets others to do. In this sense, 'self-reliance' is the state when a person is capable of living on his own not only financially but also with mental, intellectual and spiritual capacity. The same condition applies to any society and country.

👉 In 2020 the term 'self-reliance' was chosen by an advisory panel of Hindi language experts Kritika Aggarwal, Poonam Nigam Sahay and Imogen Foxtel.

👉 Oxford University Press India Managing Director Sivaramakrishnan Venkateswaran said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a package to deal with the Covid-19, he has made the country to become self-reliant in an economy, society and individuals to deal with the global epidemic. was stressed.

👉 Ever since the address, the use of the term 'self-reliant India' has increased greatly as a phrase and concept in the public dictionary of India.

👉 One of the successes of the Sampoorna Swaraj Bharat Abhiyan is the large-scale manufacturing of the indigenous COVID-19 vaccine. Which was demonstrated by the Department of Biotechnology as a COVID-19 vaccine development process during the tableau on Rajpath during this Republic Day Parade.

👉 Earlier, the words ‘आधार’ 'Aadhaar' in 2017, ‘नारी शक्ति’'Nari Shakti' in 2018 and 'Constitution' ‘संविधान’ in 2019 were chosen by the world-renowned Oxford Dictionary as the Hindi Language of the Year.

👉 Word of the Year 2020

By Cambridge Dictionary - Quarantine

By Collins Dictionary - Lockdown

By Merriam Webster - Pandemic

By - Pandemic

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