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Current Affairs Quiz October (Part-3) (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

Current Affairs Quiz October (Part-3)

Current Affairs Quiz October (Part-3) (#currentaffairs)(#eduvictors)(#compete4exams)

1. Which day goes all over India on 31st October?

Answer. National Unity Day

2. Which organisation has released the report titled "State of the Climate in Asia"?

Answer. World Meteorological Organization

3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached which country to attend the G-20 summit?

Answer. Italy

4. Which country has recently issued the first passport with "X" gender marker?

Answer. America

5. Which social media company has recently changed its corporate name to "META"?

Answer. Facebook

6. Which ministry has launched a market segment named “Green Day Ahead Market (GDAM)?

Answer. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

7. Name the 13-year-old girl from Kashmir (below 14 years of age) who has become the world champion by winning the World Kick Boxing held in Egypt?

Answer. Tajamul Islam

8. Who has become the first player in the world to take the fastest (53 matches) 100 wickets in T20 International cricket?

Answer. Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

9. Which foundation has recently launched “Healthy Women, Healthy Goa” initiative?

Answer. YouWeCan Foundation

10. The Strategic Forces Command of the Indian Army has conducted the first successful user test of which ballistic missile?

Answer. Agni-5

11. Which ministry has launched “Amrit Mahotsav Podcast” on the freedom movement?

Answer. Ministry of Culture

12. October 29 is being celebrated all over the world as which day?

Answer. World Stroke Day, World Psoriasis Day and World International Internet Day.

13. Nepal's Army Chief General Prabhuram Sharma has been announced to be honored with which honorary title in India?

Answer. Honorary title of General of the Indian Army.

14. Anita Anand of Indian origin has recently become the new Defense Minister of which country?

Answer. Canada

15. Which state of the country has become the first open defecation free state?

Answer. Goa

16. When is the World Audio-Visual Heritage Day celebrated?

Answer. 27 October

17. In which Indian city the Radio over Internet Protocol system has been inaugurated?

Answer. Kolkata

18. Which Indian state has the largest Scheduled Tribe population?

Answer. Madhya Pradesh

19. India has recently handed over the Jayanagar-Kurtha rail link to which neighboring country?

Answer. Nepal

20. Which state has launched 'Prasanshan Gaon Ke Sang' campaign for redressal of rural grievances?

Answer. Rajasthan

21. Which institute has started a magazine named 'Children First: Journal on Children's Lives'?

Answer. Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

22. Which Tamil film has been selected by the Film Federation of India to represent India at the 94th Academy Awards?

Answer. Kuzhangal

23. Indian-American journalist Chidananda Rajghatta will launch a book on America's first female Vice President Kamala Harris later this month. What is the name of the book?

Answer. Kamala Harris: The Phenomenal Woman.

24. Which commission has launched a new Digi-Book named “Innovations for You”?

Answer. NITI Aayog

25. What is the rank of India in the Global Food Security Index 2021?

Answer. 71st Place

26. According to the report released by which organization and other agency, the glaciers of Africa will disappear soon?

Answer. World Meteorological Organization

27. In which country Mount Aso volcano has erupted, after which instructions have been issued to the people to remain alert?

Answer. Japan

28. Name the two Hollywood actors will be presented the Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award at the 52nd International Film Festival of India?

Answer. Martin Scorczyk and Istevan Savo

29. Who has been appointed as the President of Blin Film Festival 2022?

Answer. M Night Shyamalan

30. Which day is celebrated all over the world on 21st October?

Answer. World Iodine Deficiency Day

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