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Current Affairs Quiz - November 2023 #eduvictors #currentaffairs

 Current Affairs Quiz - November 2023

Current Affairs Quiz - November 2023 #eduvictors #currentaffairs

Q1. According to the report ‘Road Accidents in India-2022’, which has the highest percentage of deaths in road accidents been recorded?

Q2. What has been recently declared the Word of the year 2023 by Collins Dictionary?

Q3. Recently, in which state has PM Modi launched the heritage train for the first time?

Q4. Who has topped the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2023?

Q5. 'Prachanda' which was in discussion recently is related to?

Q6. Who is the first player to be 'timed out' in international cricket recently?

Q7. Recently discussed 'Global Bogota Declaration' related to?

Q8. When is National Cancer Awareness Day celebrated every year?

Q9. According to the World Intellectual Property Indicators Report-2022, which country has applied for the most patents?

Q10. Which is the first port in India to handle the highest cargo of 16.1 million tonnes in a month recently?

Q11. When has National Legal Services Day 2023 been celebrated recently?

Q12. Name the world's first AI humanoid robot CEO?

Q13. Who is the first Indian woman cricketer to be inducted into the ‘ICC Cricket Hall of Fame’?

Q14. Who has won the title of ICC Cricket World Cup-2023?

Q15. Who has won the title of 72nd Miss Universe 2023?

Q16. Who is the first Indian to win the 'International Emmy Award' in the Best Comedy category recently?

Q17. Which has been recently declared as the state fish by the Gujarat government?

Q18. Where was the world's largest single-site solar power plant 'Al Dhafra' of 2GW inaugurated recently?

Q19. Where was the rare metal 'Tantalum' discovered recently?

Q20. Where has the world's first 3D-printed temple been unveiled recently?

Q21. The recently discussed ‘Namma Kambala Competition’ is related to?

Q22. The recently launched ‘Mebella’ vaccine is related to?

Q23. When is Constitution Day celebrated every year?

Q24. Name the Irish author who has recently received the Booker Prize 2023?

Q25. Name the monument that has been recently named the eighth wonder of the world?

Q26. Recently, what has the American Merriam-Webster Dictionary declared as the 'word of the year' for 2023?

Q27. Who is the winner of Tennis World Cup 'Davis Cup-2023'?

Q28. Where has the Planetary Science Institute, USA recently discovered salt glaciers?

Q29. Name the movie that has received the Golden Peacock Award for Best Film at the 54th International Film Festival of India?

Q30. Recently, which country's Anak Krakatoa volcano has witnessed a powerful eruption?

Q31. Which is the world's first commercial airline to use 100% sustainable aviation fuel recently?


1. Uttar Pradesh

2. AI

3. Gujarat

4. Shiv Nadir

5. Helicopter

6. Angelo Mathews

7. River Dolphin

8. Nov 7

9. China

10. Mundra Port

11. Nov 9

12. Mika

13. Diana Edulji

14. Australia

15. Shennis Palacios

16. Vir Das

17. Ghol fish

18. UAE

19. Punjab

20. Telangana

21. Buffalo

22. Measles and Rubella

23. Nov 26

24. Paul Lynch

25. Angkor Wat Temple

26. Authentic

27. Italy

28. Mercury Planet

29. Endless Borders

30. Indonesia

31. Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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