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Current Affairs Quiz | January 2024 | #eduvictors #compete4exams

 Current Affairs Quiz (January 2024)

Current Affairs Quiz  | January 2024 | #eduvictors #compete4exams

1. China has unveiled its first ocean drilling ship, designed to delve deep into the Earth's crust and explore the mysteries of the mantle. Its goal is to reach where humanity has never gone before. Name the ship.

2. Where was ‘Maharishi Valmiki International Airport’ inaugurated recently?

3. Who has recently become the first woman in the world with a net worth of 100 billion dollars?

4. Which state has recorded the highest number of cases of tiger deaths in India in the year 2023?

5. Name the country that has recently developed 'Electronic Soil' for hydroponic agriculture?

6. Which is the first company in India to obtain ‘ISCC-Plus’ certification by chemically recycling plastic waste recently?

7. Where has the world's largest lithium reserve of 18 million tonnes been discovered recently?

8. Recently, Queen Margrethe II of which country announced to step down from her post after 52 years?

9. When is Global Family Day celebrated every year?

10. Which is the first European country to recently issue a digital Schengen visa?

11. In which country has 'Mount Levotobi Laki-Laki' witnessed a massive volcano explosion?

12. The United States has successfully launched the world's first private Moon mission, called?

13. When is Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas celebrated every year?

14. Name the person who recently became the youngest Prime Minister of France. He is also the first who's openly gay.

15. Who is the first Indian female athlete to receive the Arjuna Award in horse riding?

16. According to a report by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), which is the most polluted city in India in the year 2023?

17. According to Skytrax, which is the world's best airport in 2023?

18. Name the country that has recently launched the 'Einstein Probe' satellite?

19. Which nation has recently filed a case against Israel in the International Court accusing it of genocide of Palestinians?

20. Where has PM Modi recently inaugurated the country's longest sea bridge 'Atal Setu'?

21. Which is the first indigenous Starliner drone that recently joined the Indian Navy?

22. Beijing-based startup said its nuclear battery is the first in the world to realise the miniaturisation of atomic energy, placing nickel-63 isotopes into a module smaller than a coin. Name the startup.

23. When was National Startup Day 2024 celebrated recently?

24. Who has recently been awarded the Best Football Player 2023 award in the men's category by FIFA?

25. Which has recently become India's most valuable government company according to market capitalization?

26. Where has the "Statue Of Social Justice" of Dr BR Ambedkar, the world's tallest recently inaugurated?

27. Country's first indigenous vaccine 'Havisure' of the recently launched Indian Immunologicals is related to?

28. The Ram temple built in Ayodhya is built in which architecture?

29. According to Forbes, which is the strongest currency in the world?

30. Who is the first Indian woman to be honoured at Saudi Arabia's 'Joy Awards' recently?

31. Who has recently started the world's first malaria vaccine program for children?

32. When has National Voters Day 2024 been celebrated recently?

33. Which company has recently become the second after Apple to achieve a 3 trillion dollar market value?

34. Recently, which country has used nitrogen gas for the death penalty for the first time?

35. Which is the world's best-selling car manufacturer in the year 2023?


1. The Mengxiang

2. Ayodhaya

3. François Bettencott Meyers

4. Maharashtra

5. Sweden

6. Reliance Group

7. USA

8. Denmark

9. January 1st

10. France

11. Indonesia

12. Peregrine Lander-1

13. January 9.

14. Gabriel Attal

15. Divyakriti Singh

16. Burnihat

17. Changi International Airport

18. China

19. South Africa

20. Maharashtra

21. Drishti 10

22. Betavolt 

23. January 16

24. Lionel Messi

25. LIC

26. Andhra Pradesh

27. Hepatitis A

28. Nagara style

29. Kuwaiti Dinar

30. Alia Bhatt

31. Cameroon

32. Jan 25

33. Microsoft

34. USA

35. Toyota  

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