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Current Affairs Quiz February 2024 #compete4exams #eduvictors

Current Affairs Quiz February 2024

Current Affairs Quiz February 2024 #compete4exams #eduvictors

1. What position has India got in Transparency International's 'Corruption Perception Index 2023?

2. The company 'Neuralink' recently implanted a chip in the brain of a human suffering from a neurological disorder for the first time. Who owns the company?

3. Which country has become the world's top vehicle exporter by overtaking Japan in the year 2023?

4. Where will North India's first human DNA bank be established?

5. Who has received the Best Tableau Award in the State Category in the 75th Republic Day Parade 2024?

6. Who has won the most medals in the recent Khelo India Youth Games 2023?

7. Name the Indian Indian selected as the torch bearer for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

8. According to the Brand Guardianship Index 2024, which Indian has been ranked second globally?

9. Name the music album that has received the Best Global Music Album award at the 66th Grammy Awards 2024.

10. Recently, which astronaut has set a new world record for spending the maximum time in space, 878 days and 12 hours?

11. The first female robot astronaut will fly in space from ISRO's Gaganyaan mission. Name the first robot.

12. 'World's best dictator' won the election of President of El Salvador for the second term. What is his real name?

13. Name the telescope that recently discovered the habitable super-Earth ‘TOI-715 b’ 137 light-years away?

14. When has International Safer Internet Day 2024 been observed recently?

15. Who has recently been appointed to the post of Deputy Chief of the Army?

16. Which country will launch the first luxury train ‘Dream of the Desert’ in the Middle East?

17. Which has been recently named as the official state fruit of Assam?

18. Which country has recently achieved the title of the world's third largest economy according to the International Monetary Fund?

19. Where will India's first helicopter emergency medical service be launched?

20. ICC recently imposed a 17.5-year ban on the cricketer Rizwan Javed for match-fixing. Name the country he belongs to.

21. Who has developed the world's first wooden satellite 'Lignosat Probe'?

22. Recently launched private moon lander ‘Odysseus’ is related to?

23. When has International Mother Language Day 2024 been celebrated recently?

24. Where has India's longest transport tunnel 'T-50' started recently?

25. Where have scientists recently discovered the world's largest snake 'Eunectes Akayama'?

26. Which is the first private company in the world to successfully touch down on the Moon recently?

27. Who has recently unveiled the ‘X59’ quiet supersonic aircraft?

28. Recently which state has started 'Operation Amrit' to stop the overuse of antibiotics?

29. Name the institute that has recently developed India's first septic tank cleaning robot 'Homosep Atom'?

30. Where will the world's first Vedic clock be inaugurated?

31. Who has recently been appointed to the post of Lokpal of the country?

32. When is National Science Day celebrated every year?


1. 93rd

2. Elon Musk

3. China

4. BHU

5. Odisha

6. Maharashtra

7. Abhinav Bindra

8. Mukesh Ambani

9. This Moment

10. Oleg Kono

11. 'Vyommitra'

12. Nayib Bukele

13. James Webb Telescope

14. February 6

15. Upendra Dwivedi

16. Saudi Arabia

17. Kazi Nemu

18. Germany

19. Uttarakhand

20. UK 

21. Jaxa

NASA and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) will launch the world's first wooden satellite, 'Lignosat Probe'. It has been developed in partnership with Sumitomo Forestry by scientists at Kyoto University.

22. USA

23. 21 February

24. Jammu and Kashmir

25. Amazon rainforest

26. Intuitive Machines

27. NASA

28. Kerala

29. IIT Madras

30. Ujjain

31. Ajay Manikarao

32. Feb 28

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