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Current Affairs Quiz March 2024 #eduvictors #compete4exams

 Current Affairs Quiz March 2024

Current Affairs Quiz March 2024  #eduvictors #compete4exams

1. Which country has declared a health emergency due to the widespread spread of dengue?

2. In which country has the world's lowest fertility rate been recorded recently in the year 2023?

3. Who is the first Indian to receive a knighthood from King Charles III in Britain recently?

4. In India, where has the highest number of leopards been recorded?

5. Who has recently launched Iran's imaging satellite 'Pars-1' into space?

6. Recently, on which river has India stopped the water flow to Pakistan by building a dam?

7. When is World Wildlife Day celebrated every year?

8. Who has won the most medals in the Khelo India University Games 2023?

9. The newly discovered species 'Melanochlamys Draupadi', recently named after President Draupadi Murmu, is related to?

10. When is National Safety Day celebrated every year?

11. Who has recently been appointed by BPCL as its brand ambassador for 'Speed' petrol?

12. Which is the first country in the world to recently make abortion a constitutional right?

13. Where has the country's first green hydrogen plant been started recently in the stainless steel sector?

14. Who has recently become BSF's 'first woman sniper'?

15. Where was India's first underwater metro rail service inaugurated recently?

16. Which company has recently launched the 'MethaneSat' satellite to track global methane emissions?

17. In which state did India where launch its first AI teacher 'Iris'?

18. Which is the first indigenous company to produce Formula 1 fuel ‘Storm’ in India recently?

19. When is International Women's Day celebrated every year?

20. Who has recently been selected for the 'Architecture Nobel' Pritzker Prize-2024?

21. Who has recently won the title of Miss World-2024?

22. Who has recently been awarded the 'Erasmus Prize' of the Netherlands?

23. Name the movie that has received the Best Film Award at the 96th Oscar Awards?

24. The ‘Yaounde Declaration’ recently adopted by the African continent is related to?

25. Recently, DRDO has successfully launched a missile based on MIRV technology for the first


26. Who has been awarded the prestigious IAA Golden Compass Award recently?

27. Japan's first private-sector rocket failed in its space mission as it exploded shortly after liftoff. The rocket went up in flames seconds after taking off at around 11 am on Wednesday, March 13, morning. What was the name of the rocket?

28. Where has the world's first 3D-printed mosque been constructed recently?

29. When has World Consumer Rights Day 2024 been celebrated recently?

30. When was National Vaccination Day 2024 celebrated recently?

31. Who has been honoured with the 'PV Narasimha Rao Memorial Award' recently?

32. Name the city that has recently been declared by Nepal as its tourism capital?

33. According to the Annual Climate Situation Report-23, which year has recorded the highest heat in

174 years?

34. In the USA, from which year there shall be a ban on the sale of petrol-powered cars?

35. When is World Forestry Day celebrated every year?

36. Who is the first non-Bhutanese person to be honoured with Bhutan's 'Order of the Druk Gyalpo' award recently?

37. Recently ISRO has successfully tested the Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) LEX 02, what is the name assigned to the vehicle?

38. Who will lead the Indian contingent at the Paris Olympics 2024?

39. When is World Tuberculosis Day 2024 celebrated?

40. Recently the International Astronomical Union has named an asteroid after which Indian?

41. According to the recently released Hurun Research Institute report, who has achieved the title of the billionaire capital of Asia?

42. Name the first Indian cricketer who achieved the feat of scoring 12,000 T20 runs.

43. Who has recently become the first person to reach 'Nemo', the most remote point on Earth?

44. According to the Brand Finance 2024 report, which is the world's strongest insurance brand?

45. Which is the first Southeast Asian country to recently pass a Same-sex marriage bill?

46. According to the International Labor Organization's 'Bharat Employment Report 2024', what percentage of educated unemployed youth are in India?

47. India's first oil palm processing plant has started in which state?

48. Who has been awarded the 'Abel Prize 2024'?


1. Peru

2. South Korea

3. Sunil Bharti Mittal

4. Madhya Pradesh

5. Roscosmos (Russia)

6. Ravi River

7. March 3

8. Chandigarh University

9. Sea Slug

10. March 4

11. Neeraj Chopra

12. France

13. Haryana

14. Suman Kumari

15. Kolkata

16. SpaceX

17. Kerala

18. Indian Oil

19. March 8

20. Riken Yamamoto

21. Krystyna Piszkowa

22. Amitav Ghosh

23. Oppenheimer

24. Malaria

25. Agni-5

26. Srinivasan Swamy

27. Kairos

28. Saudi Arabia

29. March 15

30. March 16

31. Ratan Tata

32. Pokhra

33. Year 2023

34. Year 2035

35. 21 March

36. Narendra Modi

37. Pushpak

38. Sharath Kamal

39. March 24

40. Jayant Murty

41. Mumbai

42. Virat Kohli

43. Chris Brown

44. LIC

45. Thailand

46. 65.7%

47. Arunachal Pradesh

48. Michel Tallagrand, A mathematician who developed formulas to make random processes more predictable and helped to solve an iconic model of complex phenomena.

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