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Current Affairs Quiz April 2024 #compete4exams #eduvictors

Current Affairs Quiz April 2024

Current Affairs Quiz April 2024 #compete4exams #eduvictors

Q1. Which is the third largest e-commerce platform in the world?

Q2. When has International Zero Waste Day 2024 been celebrated recently?

Q3. Name the organisation that has recently launched 'CoViNet', a global laboratory to monitor the emerging coronavirus and other viruses?

Q4. Who is the oldest player to win the men's doubles final in the recent Miami Open-2024?

Q5. Which is India's first AI-based film launched recently?

Q6. Judith Suminwa has been appointed as the first female Prime Minister of which African country?

Q7. Name the third country in Europe to recently enact a law on recreational cannabis use?

Q8. Who has recently created a new world record for maintaining a plasma temperature of 100 million degrees for 48 seconds?

Q9. According to the recently released Lancet study, how much has the global life expectancy increased between 1990-2021?

Q10. Which is the first Indian company to recently achieve 10,000 MW renewable energy capacity?

Q11. Where did Juan Vicente, the world’s oldest man, die at the age of 114 recently?

Q12. Where was the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the world's first postal stamp, 'Copper Stamp' held recently?

Q13. Where has the world's most powerful laser 'ELI-NP' been launched recently?

Q14. Name the AI-based digital health promoter which has recently been unveiled by WHO?

Q15. When is World Health Day 2024 celebrated?

Q16. Name the Indian actress who has been included in the Young Global Leaders Community of the year

2024 by the World Economic Forum?

Q17. Name the first Indian woman who was appointed a jury member in the Paris Olympic Committee recently?

Q18. Recently, for the first time, under which article(s) of the Constitution has the Supreme Court recognized the right to be free from the adverse effects of climate change?

Q19. According to the World Health Organization's Global Hepatitis Report 2024, where have the highest number of hepatitis B and C cases been recorded?

Q20. Which organisation has recently launched India's first private Earth observation satellite 'TSAT-1A'?

Q21. Who has recently built the Earth's largest Legacy Survey of Space and Time digital camera, LSST?

Q22. According to the recently released Carbon Majors report, which has been the world's top greenhouse gas emitting company since 2016?

Q23. Which country gets the top position in the World Cyber Crime Index?

Q24. Who is the first Indian pilot recently selected for Blue Origin's space tourism mission 'NS-25'?

Q25. Deependra Singh Airi, the third player in the world to hit six sixes in an over in a recent T20 International, is related to which country?

Q26. According to the Plastic Overshoot Day report, what ranking does India hold in terms of mismanaged plastic waste?

Q27. According to the Global Forest Watch report, where has the maximum tree cover loss occurred

between 2001-23?

Q28. Who has recently been named the world's leading female cricketer by Wisden?

Q29. Which is the first country to recently introduce a vaccine for meningitis?

Q30. Where has the outbreak of flood been seen due to artificial rain recently?

Q31. Who will be honoured with the 'Lata Dinanath Mangeshkar Award'?

Q32. To whom has India recently exported the first BrahMos supersonic cruise missile


Q33. Which is the largest stellar black hole recently discovered in our galaxy by European astronomers?

Q34. Which position has Hindustan Zinc Limited got globally in silver production?

Q35. Where has Hindi radio broadcasting started for the first time recently?

Q36. Which constitutional right has the Supreme Court recently declared?

Q37. Where have researchers from IIT Roorkee recently discovered the fossil of the world's largest snake 'Vasuki Indicus'?

Q38. According to the recent SIPRI report on global military expenditure, what position has

India got in the year 2023?

Q39. Where has NASA recently announced it will send the 'Dragonfly rotorcraft mission'?

Q40. When was National Panchayati Raj Day 2024 celebrated recently?

Q41. Which is the first Indian film recently selected in the 'La Cinéf' section of the 77th Cannes Film Festival?

Q42. Where has India's largest climate clock been launched recently?

Q43. To whom has India exported the maximum pharmaceutical products in FY24?

Q44. Which Indian environmentalist has recently been chosen for the 'Goldman Prize 2024'?

Q45. Who has recently deployed the 'CDome' defence system?


1. Gem

2. March 30

3. WHO

4. Rohan Bopanna

5. Irah

6. Democratic Republic of Congo

7. Germany

8. South Korea

9. 6.2 years

10. Adani Green Energy Limited

11. Venezuela

12. Bihar

13. Romania

14. Sarah

15. April 7

16. Bhumi Pednekar 

17. Bilkis Mir

18. Articles 14 and 21

19. China

20. Tata Advanced Systems

21. USA

22. Saudi Aramco

23. Russia (India's position is 10th)

24. Gopi Thotakura

25. Nepal

26. Second

27. Assam

28. Nat Sciver Brunt

29. Nigeria

30. UAE

31. Amitabh Bachchan

32. Philippines

33. BH-3

34. Third

35. Kuwait

36. Childcare leave

37. Gujarat

38. Fourth

39. Titan

40. 24 April

41. Sunflowers were the first ones to know

42. New Delhi

43. USA

44. Alok Shukla

45. Israel


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