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Modern Indian History - Questions And Answers (Part 1)(#indiahistory)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Modern Indian History - Questions And Answers (Part 1)

Modern Indian History - Questions And Answers (Part 1)(#indiahistory)(#compete4exams)(#eduvictors)

Question 1: In which session in the year 1907, there was a split in the Congress and the extremist and liberal parties separated.

Answer: In Surat session

Question 2: In which year was the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) established? 

Answer: In 1920 A.D.

Question 3: "The revolution of 1857 was a conspiracy to establish the Muslim empire". Whose statement is this?

Answer: P.E. Roberts

Question 4: Who is known as Khudai Khidmadgar?

Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan.

Question 5: For which partition 'National Mourning' was celebrated?

Answer: Bengal Partition

Question 6: When was Mangal Pandey, the forerunner of the revolution of 1857, hanged?

Answer: On 8 April 1857

Question 7: Who was the leader of the Harding Bomb Case?

Answer: Ras Bihari Bose

Question 8: Who is the author of Economic History of India?

Answer: RC Dutta

Question 9: In the context of modern India, who was called the 'first patriot prince' of India?

Answer: Nawab Siraj-ud-daula

Question 10:  In which year Rowlatt Act was passed?

Answer:  1919

Question 11: When was All India Trade Union Congress established? 

Answer: In October 1920 at Bombay 

Question 12: Who was the one of founder of the Brahmo Sabha? He was also known as Father of the Indian Renaissance". 

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Question 13: In 1833, the government appointed a Law Commission to codify Indian laws. Who headed the commission? 

Answer: Lord Macaulay .

Question 14:  When did French establish the factory at Masulipatnam and Pondicherry?

Answer: In Masulipatnam 1669 and  in Pondicherry 1673

Q15:  Where did French first established their factory and when?

Answer: At Surat in 1668

Q16: When was the Danish East India company formed?

Answer: 1616

Q17: Where is Fort Saint George?

Answer: Madras (Chennai)

Q18: Who was the queen of England at the time of formation of English East India company?

Answer: Queen Elizabeth Ist

Question 19: When was Bombay gifted to Charles II as dowry by Portuguese king?

Answer: 1661 as dowry for marrying his sister.

Question 20: MorleyMinto (or Minto-Morley) Reforms for the first time established separate electorates for Muslims for election to the central council. What was the name of the act?

Answer: Indian Councils Act of 1909.

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