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Current Affairs Quiz (December 2021) - Part 1 #currentaffairs #india #compete4exams #eduvictors

Current Affairs Quiz 

(December 2021 - Part 1)

Current Affairs Quiz (December 2021) - Part 1 #currentaffairs #india #compete4exams #eduvictors

Q1: Who has been awarded the 2022 RIBA Royal Gold Medal for Architecture by the Royal Institute of British Architects?

Answer: Balkrishna Doshi

Q2: Invest India and which telecom company have launched “Startup Innovation Challenge”?

Answer: Bharti Airtel

Q3: Haiderpur Wetland located in which state of India has been recognized under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of 1971?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q4: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu released the book Public Service Ethics which is authored by?

Answer: Anandiben Mafatbhai Patel

Q5: Who has been honored with the Icon Award of the 21st Century?

Answer: Amit Goenka

Q6: Who has won the title of Miss Universe 2021?

Answer: Harnaz Kaur Sandhu

Q7: Who has defeated Lewis Hamilton to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix F1 race?

Answer: Max Verstappen

Q8: According to a latest report released by the IMD World Competitive Center, which country has got the first place in the “World Talent Ranking Report”?

Answer: Switzerland

Q9: Who has been appointed as the new head of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)?

Answer: Katherine Russell

Q10: The government of which country has announced to be the world's first 100% paperless government?

Answer: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Q11: Which indigenous missile has been successfully test-fired by DRDO in collaboration with Indian Air Force?

Answer: Stand off Anti Tank Missile

Q12: World Violin Day and International Universal Health Coverage Day is celebrated on which day?

Answer: December 13

Q14: Which is the first Indian airline to launch ESG report?

Answer: IndiGo

Q15: Who has published the "World Talent Ranking Report"?

Ans. IMD World Competitive Center

Q16: With how many languages the Bhasha Sangam mobile app has been launched?

Answer: 22 Languages

Q17: Who has given observer status to International Solar Alliance?

Answer: United Nations General Assembly

Q18: At what age has the world's oldest Test cricketer Ilene Ashe passed away?

Answer: 110 years

Q19: here is the “Kajuveli Wetland” declared as the 16th Bird Sanctuary by the Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Surpiya Sahu, located at?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Q20: World Human Rights Day is celebrated on?

Answer: December 11

Q21:  Which commission has launched “She is a Changemaker” program?

Answer: National Commission for Women

Q22: Name the space agency that has selected Indian-origin doctor Anil Menon for its future space missions?

Answer: NASA

Q23: At which place the researchers have discovered the first dinosaur species that lived 214 million years ago?

Answer: Greenland

Q24: The Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) has passed away due to the Air Force helicopter crash in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. What was his name?

Answer: General Bipin Rawat

Q25: Who has become the first player to be dismissed for zero runs 6 times in a calendar year?

Answer: Joe Burns

Q26: Who has been appointed as the country's Chancellor by the Parliament of Germany in place of Angela Merkel?

Answer: Olaf Schultz

Q27: The country's first psychiatrist has passed away at the age of 98. What was his name?

Answer: Sharda Menon

Q28: Which former Chief Election Commissioner of India has been included in the advisory board of International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance?

Answer: Sunil Arora

Q29: Which bank has launched India's first standalone metal debit card?


Q30: female player has won the BWF World Tour 2021 title?

Answer: Aan Seong (South Korea)

Q31: Viktor Axelsen and Taipei's Tai Tzu-Ying of China have been chosen as the men's and women's players of the year 2021 by the Badminton World Federation. Viktor belongs to which country?

Answer: Denmark

Q32: Which word has been chosen as "Word of the Year 2021" of Cambridge Dictionary?

Answer: Perseverance

Q33: When is Armed Forces Flag Day celebrated in India?

Answer: 7 December

Q34: Name the person who becomes fourth Indian and third woman to receive Ramanujan Prize. The Ramanujan Prize, titled '2021 DST-ICTP-IMU Ramanujan Prize for Young Mathematicians from developing countries.

Answer: Prof. Neena Gupta

Q35: In which country is the Semeru volcano erupted on Java on December 4, 2021?

Answer: Indonesia

Q36: Which bill has been passed by the Parliament to prevent disasters?

Answer: Dam Safety Bill, 2019

Q37: Which athlete has been honored with the "Boomman of the Year" award by World Athletics?

Answer: Anju Bobby George

Q38: "Magdalena Anderson" has become the first woman Prime Minister of which country?

Answer: Sweden

Q39: When is World Disabled Day celebrated?

Ans. 3rd December

Q40: Indian-origin Parag Agarwal has been made the CEO of which company?

Answer: Twitter

Q41: In which city in Meghalaya the famous Cherry Blossom Festival has been organized?

Answer: Shillong

Q42: Which country has become the world's newest republic after the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth?

Answer: Barbados

Q43: Who has become the first Indian to be awarded the honorary title of Knight of Part Gulfa in Italy?

Answer: Sohan Roy

Q44: In which state Indian Railways is building the world's tallest 1 kilometer long bridge?

Answer: Manipur

Q45: Which drama film has won the ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at the 52nd edition of IFFI?

Answer: Lingui, The Sacred Bonds

Q46: Which word has been chosen as the word of the year 2021 according to the Collins dictionary?

Answer: NFT

NFT is the acronym for ‘non-fungible token’, the unique digital identifier that records ownership of a digital asset.

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