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Current Affairs Quiz (December 2021 - Part 2) #currentaffairs #compete4exams #SSC #upsc #eduvictors

Current Affairs Quiz (December 2021 - Part 3)

Current Affairs Quiz (December 2021 - Part 2) #currentaffairs #compete4exams #SSC #upsc #eduvictors

Q1: The US space agency NASA announced the launch of "Psyche Mission" scheduled on?

Ans. August 2022

Q2: Which bank has won the CII DX Award for “Most Innovative Best Practice” 2021?

Ans. HDFC Bank

Q3: Who has been elected by the International Automobile Federation to succeed Jean Todt as the first non-European President?

Ans. Mohammad Ben Sulayem

Q4: Aanchal Thakur of India recently won _____ medal in the International Ski Federation Alpine Skiing Competition?

Ans. Bronze

Q5: Desmond Tutu of South Africa, who fought against apartheid, died, he was _____ years old?

Ans. 90 

Q6: From which state the central government has constituted a panel to remove AFSPA?

Ans. Nagaland

Q7: Scientists of which University of Switzerland have discovered a new layer of human jaw muscles?

Ans. University of Basel

Q8: Paytm Payments Bank has partnered with which company to send money in real-time to Paytm Wallet users in India?

Ans. MoneyGram

Q9: After how many years of service, India's first indigenously built missile corvette INS Khukri has been decommissioned?

Ans. 32 years

Q10:  Which team has won the Under-19 Asia Cup by defeating India?

Ans : Pakistan

Q11: Who has been conferred the Mother Teresa Memorial Award for Social Justice 2021?

Ans : Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi

Q12: America's space agency NASA has successfully launched which telescope?

Ans : James Webb Space Telescope

Q13: Which country has fined Google, the largest search engine, worth of 9.8  crores of rupees for failing to remove illegal content?

Ans: Russia

Q14: Who has been awarded the Journalist of the Year Award posthumously by the Mumbai Press Club for the year 2020?

Ans: Danish Siddiqui

Q15: By which year the European country Belgium has announced the closure of all its seven nuclear power plants?

Ans. 2025

Q16: The Food and Drug Administration has approved Apravude injections to prevent which disease?

Ans. HIV

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